What Does a 12 Year Old Wearing the Gadsden Flag at School Have To Do With The Tuttle Twins? Everything

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by Jon Croft
What Does a 12 Year Old Wearing the Gadsden Flag at School Have To Do With The Tuttle Twins? Everything
Jaiden on The Comment Section with Brett Cooper, credit, The Daily Wire

Want some “based” children? If you haven’t heard, a kid named Jaiden in Colorado was taken to task for having a Gadsden Flag on his backpack. It took a bit, but the school had to eat crow for causing trouble for the kid. Their ignorance really showed. It’s just fascinating how they continued to double-down, despite being able to look it up on Wikipedia.

It’s not just local. It went viral, and even Sky News Australia has the story here.

Jaiden’s parents must have been both concerned and proud of their school-age patriot every day as he encountered more and more pushback from an educational institution that appears to have zero regard for the facts of our nation’s history.

But how do people like the Rodriguez family learn about their rights, if not from school? And what gives them the boldness to defend those God-given rights? Funny enough, just a well-made television show (and their accompanying kid’s books) like the Tuttle Twins can give these kids (of appropriate age) the education about America that our public schools have failed to inculcate in children. And failed utterly, they have.

But, guess what? They won. The writer of the Tuttle Twins show, Connor Boyack reached out to the family in support, and even the Colorado governor, Jared Polis voiced his support of the boy. The Vanguard school was forced to do a U-turn to change their anti-freedom policy and allow kids of different beliefs to wear their Gadsden Flags on their sleeves, if other kids can wear their BLM flags.

Sounds fair to me.

Here’s the DailyMail reporting the story.

That’s why it takes people in entertainment & media now, like the writer of the Tuttle Twins, Connor Boyack, to come out and do the requisite work required to help educate our children and parents on the true facts of America’s history. Our schools won’t do it.

Here’s Connor being interviewed about Jaiden’s story in the news (CBN news). It’s somehow, more amazing each day that the education system proves just how incapable they have proven to be in training up kids to know the true facts of our American rights.

This is why so many families are now homeschooling, and when they do, these homeschooler parents are being forced to spend the time to give kids educational programming when they’re unable to spend 100% of that time with them (like teachers also fail to do). Let us not foolishly think that teachers in school don’t use video programming to inculcate (often terrible) values in kids. Why not get some good tv shows, or “responsible” educational programming instead?

That’s where shows like Tuttle Twins come in, having already started with good books for kids, the need for creators like them grows more every day. Homeschoolers have been enjoying their books for some time, but then they released their show on Angel Studios, and they’ve been getting even more and more popular ever since.

Here is one homeschool mom who discusses what Tuttle Twins books are and how she uses them with her kids. They’re available on Amazon.

So, do you think the Rodriguez family could have stood up to the nonsense of the school district without the bold wisdom of these series’? I hope so, but who knows?

And now, Angel Studios is currently releasing a new episode of Tuttle Twins, season two, every week. It’s still a fairly new show, and they are finding a bigger fanbase every year.

Watch all the Tuttle Twins for free, here at Angel. This can also be done on the app. You can also pay-it-forward so others can view for free. Some of it is available on their channel here and on their YouTube below.

It is not for very young kids, but definitely right for kids of Jaiden’s age.

If you voice your support, maybe we will get more facts and history, and less ignorance and stupidity. It’s up to all of us to vote with our voices, our dollars, and our community support for our kids. We all have to do our part!

Did you enjoy this article? Have you learned more about the story of Jaiden than most people know? Do you think shows like Tuttle Twins are important? Tell us on the Tweeter, or comment down below (with subscription).

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by Jon Croft

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