Weekend Box Office: Dennis Quaid Helps Push a Faith-Based Film Over "The Hill"

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by Jon Croft
Weekend Box Office: Dennis Quaid Helps Push a Faith-Based Film Over "The Hill"
Still from The Hill trailer, credit, Briarcliff Entertainment

The Hill is one of those films that may inspire you to work towards your dreams instead of giving in to the fears of others, especially family, and friends, who say you should play it safe and be a good ‘ole boy. Sometimes, you have to risk it all to be the kind of person you feel God has called you to be, even if it means not being the preacher.

Trailer for The Hill, credit, Briarcliff Entertainment

That’s the kind of courage you’ll need to take on Barbenheimer, DC Films, and the big opener, “Gran Turismo” this past weekend. But, try they did, and similarly to the Angel Studios surprise hit of 2023, Sound of Freedom, the “other” faith-based film this weekend did fairly okay for the genre.

The Hill opened at number 9, in front of Sound of Freedom at number 15, earning $2.3 mil over Sound’s $1.5 mil. The Hill also beat out Mission Impossible, and Disney’s Haunted Mansion, heading to a quick beeline “into the black” on budgets. Funny enough, most of these films ahead and behind The Hill will never make it into the black, due to these large studios’ inflated budgets.

So, while some balk at coming in at only $2.3 mil, coming behind a film like Barbie at $15 mil, these enormous budgets that the studios feel they must spend on a topic that’s bad for families, women, and girls in their self-image, a film like The Hill can both inspire success in viewers and bring the humble success required to keep a studio healthy. It’s not the cotton candy diet that our kids should not consume, but it’s the meat and potatoes that we can feel proud to serve a growing mind.

I don’t give reviews of films here, but I do discuss why films (and art) matter, and I hope to share other people’s reviews, in hopes that we make better decisions in media. Earlier, last week, I spoke about Dennis Quaid, and why actors like him matter. These stories are the kinds that matter, too.

Read my other story on Dennis Quaid here and other ways you can get effective reviews before you watch a film like Barbie, only to have yourself a terrible weekend as a result. Watching great reviews can prevent that. How to do that here.

Here’s a few reviews of the film.

The Hill Review, credit, The Collision
The Hill Review, credit, MovieGuide

The Hill Review, credit, Film Threat

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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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