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Want Better Movies? Angel Studios Challenges Hollywood Again With Three New Upcoming Films

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Is Angel going theatrical more and more? Is this a self-defeating model? Look below for answers...

I bet you keep hearing that theaters are dead and that streamers are the future... I heard this ten years ago. And, that's the funny thing, because while Hollywood jumps off the cliff lemming-style, with billions lost on streaming platforms, Angel Studios has followed the money (as did I) and strayed from the pack... into real success.

That's right, theatrical.

Maybe, like me, they were in disbelief of the distribution model that Hollywood has been cultivating (or rather hamstringing themselves with). Maybe they are simply exploiting a weakness in Hollywood's armor... the Sequelitis/Franchitus Disease that weakens storytelling. Or maybe they know what Hollywood doesn't... that the customer drives business, not Hollywood's silly ideological goals for media.

As Deadline reports, Angel continues their push into theaters as Hollywood recedes from the limelight. The three upcoming theatrical experiences, Bonhoeffer, Homestead, and David will be hitting many theaters, and taking up space that the Hollywood studios gave up to them.

Sure, we already had the two announced films, Sight and Possum Trot: May 24th and July 4th, respectively. But these three new ones hadn't previously been announced.

Here they are...

Bonhoeffer - November 22nd, 2024
Homestead - December 20th, 2024
David - November 21st, 2025

Again, all are very ambitious dates that typically the big studios dominate. I guess they aren't going to be doing that anymore!

Upcoming... Sight.

Possum Trot is on it's way as well... July 4th.

77 kids saved. That's quite a trot!

But what's even more exciting than this? The Hollywood Reporter tells us in their CinemaCon article that Angel has looked at their numbers and have predicted that their David animated film will likely be the highest grossing animated film... period. As in, the most successful animated film in history!

How do they know this? Well, they don't. They intend to make it so, as this is their sincere goal. But, only we can make this happen!

However, you'd be surprised what marketing professionals can figure out with good data on well-established marketplace, which is what theatrical exhibitors do have. And, as we've discussed here before at MM, Angel has started putting more eggs in their theatrical basket since their Sound of Freedom gained sleeper hit status. I believe they can do it, or if not, that they can at least give Hollywood a serious run for their money! A la, Barbie.

Here are trailers to the three films newly dated for theatrical release.

Bonhoeffer - Nov 22nd

Homestead - Dec 20th

David - Nov 21st, 2025

Beautiful work!

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