"Truth & Conviction" Announces Production Schedule, John Ondrasik, Jon Erwin Involvement

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by Jon Croft
"Truth & Conviction" Announces Production Schedule, John Ondrasik, Jon Erwin Involvement
Still from Truth+Conviction livestream, Credit, Angel Studios

Truth & Conviction may have an awkward title, but it’s meaningful. This project has a timely message we all need to hear, just like Hubener’s message to many in Germany to resist tyranny.

“Truth & Conviction, Award-Winning Torch”, Credit, Angel Studios

Watch this introductory livestream and the newer one (below) which now brings in a new supporter to the project. If you know about faith-based film, you know who this guy is. Jon Erwin has produced and directed numerous films for the Kingdom Story Company. Films like Jesus Revolution, Woodlawn, I Still Believe, American Underdog, and more. Him and his brother, Andrew, have likely been the most successful faith-based producer/directors in the past decade. And now they are working to make many Angel projects, like Truth & Conviction, the best in the biz.

In the newer livestream, Jon Erwin comes in at about 29 minutes in, and he describes why this project is so important not just to him, but why it’s important for us to see and to support. Watch that here.

“Truth & Conviction Moving Forward”, Credit, Angel Studios

The composers for the picture also show up here at about 33 minutes in. The film’s composers (known as the Piano Guys) share a special connection to the true life story of Hubener as well. And John Ondrasik, yes that John Ondrasik, from Five for Fighting, who did the Superman (It’s Not Easy) song, is going to be supporting this picture as well. He comes in at about 35 minutes.

Finally, at the end of the livestream, the proof of concept (known as a “torch”) is shown at 55 minutes in. In the Introductory Livestream it shows up earlier, about 16 minutes in, and they discuss what a “torch” is at Angel Studios. This is the highest rated torch at Angel, at the time of this livestream. If you look closely you will see Mendelssohn playing on a record-player, which is an important symbol in the story, as it was the music that inspired Helmuth Hubener to commit to the kind of free speech that upsets today’s Antifa, (known as yesterday’s “Fa”).

But why is this message of freedom so important today?

Kids today think they are punching fasci’s on social media when they complain that someone is using hate speech and so they work to censor them. Brave? Maybe not. But what if they knew that the truth is that the fasci’s WERE the very people who were doing the same thing in Germany in the 1930’s? The fascists were the people who were making a call to action to stop Jews from doing what they thought was corrupting society and so they took many of their rights away (such as their right to speak equally in the public square, and their right to live, and work where they wanted). Then they started falsely slandering them & putting them in slums. The rest is history.

They kicked Gina Carano off of her job at Disney, and they’ve debanked, and run many more off of public speech on social media. If they get the chance they will stop all of us from speaking and living freely. Say goodbye to American freedom, if they aren’t stopped.

But guess what? There WERE kids in 1930’s Germany that stood up to censorship and hatred in that period of propaganda and division. One of them was Helmuth Hubener who was executed at the age of 17 for distributing anti-Hitler pamphlets. He was killed for what today would be called “meme warfare” (aka “hate speech”) but you can boil it down to what’s called “having your own views”. That’s the long & short of it.

So, what can we do about it? As Angel says, we can all “amplify light” by watching, supporting, and investing in making truth-telling pictures and media. Like Media Moses, who amplifies all of you artists & creators who tell the truth about freedom and God, we support you. We are getting involved in making pictures, shows, and books as well. Sadly, Truth & Conviction isn’t currently funding, and they need to raise more funds before they can go into pre-production, but they are getting closer.

Our hope at Media Moses is to help, to fight, and to win the fifth generational warfare so that it doesn’t become WWIII, but in the meantime, many of you won’t even realize we put our lives on the line to make entertainment, so that you would stop believing in the authoritarians. They are corrupt. They are foolish. They hate our traditions. They seek to enslave us. They are not good for us. And we will support efforts like this to make change- the change we need in the world, so freedom will not perish from this place.

Did you enjoy this article? Did you know about the Truth & Conviction story of Helmuth Hubener? Let us know on our social media, or comment down below (with subscription),

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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