Top Gun: The Next Generation Docuseries Will Air On NatGeo

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by Jon Croft
Top Gun: The Next Generation Docuseries Will Air On NatGeo
Top Gun Maverick, credit, Paramount Pictures Corporation

The successful non-woke Hollywood action movie Top Gun: Maverick from last year, has spawned a new live action docuseries headed to NatGeo entitled Top Gun: The Next Generation. This series follows a variety of pilots who seek to reach the top ranks of Naval Fighter Jet pilots who earn the right to fly the most advanced jet, known as the F-35C Lightning II Tactical Fighter Jet. They will be proven in various trials such as taking off and landing on a Naval Air Craft Carrier as well as other difficult tasks.

This signals good things for the network that hopes to turn the success of the film franchise into something good for viewers and stockholders, instead of continuing to focus on virtue signaling through woke politics. This may mean more “good content” is coming, but it’s too early to say with more finality just yet. The series is produced by Rex, part of Zinc Media, and offering NatGeo exclusive access to this extreme fighter pilot program in the Navy.

If you get NatGeo, consider watching this series when it comes out, to give the clear signal to the network that doing the right thing will pay off.

What other TV and film projects or opportunities should this incredible franchise explore, considering the film made a whopping $1.5b last year (which is more than Barbie), and single-handedly gave Hollywood hope last summer? Personally, I think (beyond the development of another film starring Miles Teller) they should be selling Top Gun kid’s costumes for Halloween, plastic helmet and all, but that’s just me.

That film is so much 80’s testosterone, that you really should watch it if you haven’t yet. It’s a lot of fun. The kind of fun they don’t make enough of today. The film can be viewed here on Amazon Prime Video if you haven’t seen it yet.

THR News also reports here.

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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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