Tim Pool Brings Smokey Mike & The god-king Song Back in Hilarious Chart-Topping Cover of "Together Again"

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by Jon Croft
Tim Pool Brings Smokey Mike & The god-king Song Back in Hilarious Chart-Topping Cover of "Together Again"
Tim Pool and Carter Banks in "Together Again" (Smokey MIke & The god-king)

Were you a fan of Daily Wire this time last year (December 2022), and if so, did you see their surprising Ryman Auditorium Townhall performance? You know the Townhall with numerous announcements, which was topped off with Jeremy Boreing & Michael Knowles' solitary song Together Again gloriously performed as their stage name Smokey Mike & The god-king? Yes that one. They actually do also have one other song, but we'll get to that later.

It turns out, Tim Pool of popular YouTube podcast Timcast, has made a cover version which touts a more modern synthwave vibe, turning the DW patriarch's song from a fun 60's era parable of loss and friendship into an faux-edgy tongue-in-cheek re-envisioning of something like Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive in music video form. It's actually pretty funny, and even catchy. I'm not much into the 60's era of music besides of course the doo wop, the Americana, the blues, and the new inventive spirit, musically. But I do appreciate the retro-inspired synth-wave vibes that Tim and friend, Carter Banks, are playing with here.

Timcast (Together Again cover)

The American Beat reports here.

Timcast also has had a few chart toppers among their sparse collection of attention-getting tracks, including runaway hit Only Ever Wanted, but also, Bright Eyes, and Genocide (Losing My Mind) which have performed less impressively. Let's not forget his (some say) best song that introduced his work, Will of the People from back in 2020. But, I'd say his work is getting better as we go along, musically speaking, and I probably appreciate his Bright Eyes the most, personally.

But now let's get to the other song that Smokey Mike & The god-king have made, being that it's especially appropriate now during Christmas. They themselves performed a cover of Christmas tune, Please Come Home For Christmas (originally performed by Charles Brown in 1960), which was pretty decent.

Please Come Home For Christmas

But now, back to what inspired it all, the original performance of Smokey Mike & The god-king's Together Again on the stage at Ryman's Auditorium. It's got little callbacks and fun moments so reminiscent of that 60's era of fun, sappy pop with that extra shag carpet (balanced by mod turtle neck) flavor.

Together Again (Live at the Ryman)

Enjoy your Christmas everyone!

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by Jon Croft

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