The Pendragon Production Diary Introduces the Atlantean Language Used in the Universe That Stephen R. Lawhead Cultivated
Emree Franklin as Morgian in Daily Wire's Pendragon Cycle

The Pendragon Production Diary Introduces the Atlantean Language Used in the Universe That Stephen R. Lawhead Cultivated

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by Jon Croft

The last deep dive I did here on Pendragon's production diary was apparently not deep at all in comparison to what they have revealed in this episode. What I had no idea was happening in this production is the actual creation of an Atlantean language that they make good use of in the production diary here.

Of course this language is used in the books, but this says nothing about how it’s emoted and scripted in real life. But thankfully, Andrew Klavan’s son, Spencer Klavan is a linguist, writer, and creator in his own right. Now he serves as the keeper of the Atlantean language for this project and on set.

The obvious comparison to JRR Tolkien is here, as Tolkien was famous for inventing the elvish tongue that was used in the books and inscribed on the ring of power itself. But Klavan cannot help but say that what he did was engrossing, but nowhere near to the amount of work Tolkien did on The Lord of the Rings, which is explored and explained extensively in his work.

We get introduced to Morgian, played by Emree Franklin, and some of the many other challenges on set, such as working with animals. We get some fun shots here, but really it’s the language-building that I find to be most enthralling. This was something I remember doing when I was young, when I was introduced to storytelling and what we call world-building, and it challenges me to do this again as a writer.

They appear to be filling out the towns and locations quite well with the inner workings of the culture they are breathing into being. It’s quite impressive!

I can’t wait for this to come to screen! I’m even hoping they release it theatrically, but who knows what DW will decide!

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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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