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Legendary ComicsGate firebrand, Ethan Van Sciver, has updated his comic book series CYBERFROG with a beautifully penned, inked, and drawn sequel: CYBERFROG 2: Rekt Planet. The new series has gained traction, has already acquired fandom, and now the second campaign on Indiegogo opens up on July 17th at noon EST. This time, they are offering new bonus items, such as Stalker Cover, and Cyberfrog 3: Extermination Poster.

Check out all they will have for sale before it’s all gone here.

   This sequel takes place right after the first Cyberfrog, in a dystopian society run by giant hornet creatures from outer space where only a girl and her robotic froggy companion can save the world. Except…he’s not around to do so. “Will Cyberfrog truly be able to save humanity?”

Watch the thrilling action-packed comic trailer for Cyberfrog 2: Rekt Planet here:

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