The Chosen Season 4 Trailer “Deliver Us” Reveals New Facts of the Upcoming Season

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by Jon Croft
The Chosen Season 4 Trailer “Deliver Us” Reveals New Facts of the Upcoming Season

The Chosen's Season 4 Trailer "Deliver Us" drops, with a flashback of King David making a triumphal entry, Simon (now Peter) confessing Jesus as Messiah, and Lazarus in the tomb as Jesus weeps at Mary's sorrow. So much is happening this season, which will be beginning on February 1st, in theaters!

We are getting closer to the release of Season 4 of The Chosen in an initial theatrical release and on streaming. As we have spoken about the hybrid release of the Homecoming series (in theaters as well), we are reminded that this (The Chosen) is where all of this came from.

The incredible success of The Chosen has garnered many haters, lest we forget that the farther this goes along the bigger the attacks will get, and from people who claim to be Christians, as well.

So how big is this getting?

Have you read the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John? Well, I’ve noticed that not all of them include every parable and story in them. Similarly, not every parable is included in The Chosen. Many of the events of the gospels that make it into The Chosen do appear to be following the trajectory of the book of John, however. But at this point in the story we are looking at, we are now nearing the middle of Jesus’ earthy ministry, which (it's true) comes later than John the Baptist being beheaded. I believe the reason they delayed to include this part is that they were waiting to unveil it until his ministry got more intense, bringing in the real stakes to serving Christ. Testing the disciples in their loyalty, as well as testing them on the price of discipleship (death of Lazarus, carry your cross) really adds to the tension, bringing out the internal conflicts that give this gospel retelling real teeth.

The key moments I see will be laid out below...

These are my speculation based upon my reading of the gospels and what I’m seeing here from the trailer.

  1. Mark 6, Beheading of John the Baptist
  2. John 1, Mark 1, Matthew 3, flashback to Jesus being baptized by John, and/or John 3, flashback to "He Must Increase and I Must Decrease"
  3. John 11, Lazarus dies (so you might believe)
  4. John 11, Jesus weeps at Mary’s sorrow
  5. John 11, Lazarus raised from the dead (I Am The Resurrection)
  6. John 11, The Plot to Kill Jesus (& Lazarus)
  7. John 12, Mary & Martha serve (Anointing Jesus)
  8. Matthew 10, Not Peace But A Sword
  9. Parable of Sower (good ground)
  10. Purpose of Parables (seeing and not understanding)
  11. Matthew 8, Faith of the Centurion (Gaius)
  12. Who are my mother and my brothers? (Obedience to God’s will)
  13. Simon confesses Jesus as Messiah, becomes Peter
  14. Jesus rebukes Peter, Take up your cross
  15. Jesus in Jerusalem (flashback to David’s Triumphal Entry)
  16. Render Unto Caesar & The Temple Tax
  17. Beware the Pharisees and Sadducees (blind guides, hypocrites, the sign of Jonah, you are of your father the devil)
  18. John 2, Jesus Cleansing the Temple or John 7, The Feast of Booths
  19. John 6, Jesus is the Bread of Life (this is a hard teaching, one of you is a devil)
  20. John 7, Is this the Christ (arresting Christ)

Many of these are indicated clearly in the trailer (numbers 1,3,4,5,6,8,13,15,18) while others are speculative (numbers 2,7,9,10,11,12,14,16,17,19,20) based on my understanding of the impact of these parts of the story on this series. Many of these will have to happen at some point, but too many of them in one season will add a lot of dialogue. So some of these will likely not appear in Season 4 or not be present.

But, look. This is the true gospel message. Christ is the fulfillment of the law. The Bread of Life, who brings Rivers of Living Water to his people. He went through all of this, and many historians recorded much of this, even separately from the Biblical accounts.

I bet you can only imagine what kind of attacks will occur, then, because of this message. They will say things like-

“It's of low quality! It takes too many artistic liberties! It's self-glorifying! It’s not for kids! It’s too gory! It's demonic! It’s inaccurate! It’s glorifying the devil! They’re trying to lay a stumbling block for the weak in faith to fall into sin!”

These accusations are all the same kinds over and over. Just get ready. The devil does not slack off in attacking the saints. He will do it day and night. But we also must not slack off.

Here are a few trailer reactions with their own interpretations of what we will see this season!

The Chosen Sleuth

Against the Current

Did you enjoy this article? What do you think of the new trailer? Will you be going to theaters on February 1st? Let us know what you think on our socials or down below (with subscription)!

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by Jon Croft

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