The Chosen S4 is Finally Coming to Streaming After Legal Dispute With Angel

The Chosen S4 is Finally Coming to Streaming After Legal Dispute With Angel

Many of you waited patiently, and your wait will be rewarded with a season of shocking twists, giving Jesus and his disciples ever more depth.

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by Jon Croft

That's right. Dallas finally gives us the news on when Season 4 will be available to watch. And it is sooner, rather than later than we thought.

7pm, this coming Sunday, June 2nd and after that, 8:30pm on Thursday, June 6th will be upcoming dates to put on your calendar. These Sunday and Thursday nights will continue to be nights to remember as they drop new episodes every week, over the next month.

Dallas Jenkins proceeds to give us an overview of their history with Angel and with The Chosen. He gives his view of crowdfunding, which was a negative view, but he admits he was wrong about the Harmons (from Angel) and about crowdfunding. He reminds us all that they could not do this show without The Harmons and Angel. He reminds us that they gave him complete creative freedom, and so, he truly appreciates their contribution.

However, the Pay-It-Forward program didn't really work out for The Chosen, and all of the additional fees and costs were mostly up to The Chosen, Inc to pay (mostly through merch). These physical needs only continued to mount, and even now after going worldwide (and releasing theatrically) it means their expenses only grow so that they can bring you this series for free.

Then they came to a new agreement with Angel, by agreeing that The Come & See Foundation could work with The Chosen to better accomplish all the fundraising needed. Dallas says, however, that Angel violated this agreement in a few ways, but they will not be opening every bit of their case to the public on how this occurred. The arbitration finally came in (yesterday) and it stated that there was, in fact, a breach of contract, and so their legally-binding agreements have now been nullified.

Therefore, the question of 'how' to watch Season 4 is a bit different from before. Eventually, you will be able to go to site, and numerous other streaming platforms, but you will not be able to see it on Angel's apps or site. But firstly, it will ONLY be available to watch on their social media livestreams, or on their streaming app, or by purchasing on physical disc.

Emailing can provide big answers IF you're experiencing issues with the app considering this substantial change.

Here is his announcement.

Dallas makes a sincere plea here for people online to stop making accusations and to stop creating drama for clicks. He says nobody was trying to make trouble between Angel & The Chosen for personal fame or fortune, or to "go Hollywood" as he termed it.

I agree, and I personally also found it sad when certain influencers online tried to create friction between people by spreading false rumours and using click-bait titles and thumbnails to pretend that they knew the intentions of either party or that they knew that one side "was bad" all along. This kind of clickbait can get really get old.

And this is why I've stated "the positives" of both parties (Angel & The Chosen) in order to give both of them my support. I will continue to support both parties since there are some incredible things to appreciate from both sides, and I consider them both to be honest actors.

So, as I have stated. I will be supporting BOTH Angel & The Chosen, since great work is being made by both parties. And I know that legal disputes don't necessarily imply that either party is immoral or "bad" in some way. This kind of religious purity test is outdated. Sometimes good people can disagree, and both can still remain good people. Having unique perspectives, and unique stories in a debate or disagreement doesn't make one side bad.

I actually find this development to be very exciting for both parties, and not necessarily negative at all.

So, once again. Here is how you can watch.

Three ways at first. Livestream, App, and physical disc (which will cost money, where the others will not). Catch livestreams on time for best results. As it comes to the apps, your phone, and AppleTV, ROKU, FireTV, and GoogleTV can all download and use the app. Email them ( for issues, but also keep in mind that you can update their app (again) if you have issues there. I'd try that first, before emailing them.

Are you excited?? I am. And now I already know what I'll be "binging" this Sunday... Jesus!

Update: Angel Studios released a big thank you to The Chosen, Inc by posting a 25 minute-long credit crawl that displays every single person who contributed to The Chosen over their eight year-long journey to fund and create a revolutionary multi-season series on the life of Christ and the impact he had on his disciples. It's hard to believe sometimes that it can take this many people to fund a show like this, but it is very true. Without us contributing to great projects like these, they simply cannot happen.

What do you think of this new development? Are you excited for The Chosen and Dallas Jenkins? Do you think the Come and See Foundation will be able to cover the cost for all of these expenses? What will the next great Angel project be? Let us know down below (with subscription) or on our social medias!

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by Jon Croft

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