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The Chosen's Dallas Jenkins Gives Update on Season 4 Release, Shooting Season 5, and More

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Director Dallas Jenkins gives a livestream with the Sons of Thunder and the band, King + Country. They update us on when Season 4 will be released, the status of Season 5's shooting, and more.

Jonathan Roumie playing Jesus in The Chosen

If you weren't aware of the situation with Season 4 and how the release of the season is related to these legal matters between The Chosen, Inc. and Angel Studios, you may be just as "in the dark" as we are. What we do know is what they tell us, and what they've been saying is that since it is a legal matter they cannot give too much info on what is going on, except to say that the season release is being delayed until there is a resolution to this legal matter, which is more of an arbitration situation than a lawsuit.

Dallas gives us a bit more than this, though. He tells us his honest opinion on the timeframe, saying that they ought to be settled and be able to release it in-between 4 and 7 weeks from now. So this means the legal matter and the release should be resolved by then. That will bring us to a release date of between late May to late June. I expected something like this, so it's no surprise to me. In fact, it is pretty encouraging considering some legal matters could take a year or more to get anywhere.

A quicker summation of the livestream is here.

We learned additional facts as well, such as The Chosen's season 5 shooting being "on time" this spring, the release (along with initial theatrical release) still coming next year, and they are currently in the middle of shooting it now.

What has been said about this early BTS footage has been very exciting, alluding to a triumphal entry for Christ, and getting us closer to the final week (Holy Week) before the crucifixion, which will occur in season 5, while the crucifixion itself should occur during season 6, likely in 2026.

They gave us a ChosenCon update for this year. ChosenCon is a special convention exclusively for Chosen fans, and it will be happening this September 20-21st with tickets on sale starting May 6th, and the location for the event still forthcoming.

Watch the full livestream here.

My take on a lot of this is that I believe what we will be seeing is "The Come And See Foundation" will be taking over the charity work (pay-it-forward efforts) that Angel Studios was organizing for the show when they were working together last year, and the app, the convention, and these kinds of livestreams, along with some special additional events, will replace the marketing infrastructure that Angel Studios was providing for The Chosen to get the distribution efforts out there. The Chosen has been working to build their own infrastructure this way due to their overarching goal to reach a billion people. So, I think the possibility of them not needing Angel in order to continue their efforts is very strong.

I do not know what sort of legal dispute this is, but the signs given before were that it dealt with their licensing rights which The Chosen claimed were breached by Angel. This may have been correct or not, but this being an out-of-court arbitration of some kind, we expect a settlement, and then the two parties amicably parting ways after one of them pays that settlement fee.

This all being said, we do not take sides in these kids of matters since we value the judgment of courts on this, and we think that often good people can fall into making a mistake here and there. So, we will be continuing to show support to both sides, especially since both of these parties make such excellent work.

We hope to catch Sight (from Angel) coming in late May, and will be watching The Chosen as soon as they come out on The Chosen app.

Watch it here.
Or watch it here on the app.

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