"The Blind" Comes to Theaters, Promises to Reveal Phil Robertson Redemptive Origin Tale

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by Jon Croft
"The Blind" Comes to Theaters, Promises to Reveal Phil Robertson Redemptive Origin Tale

The Blind, the story of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, and how he found Christ’s redeeming power, is coming to theaters September 28th.

If you’ve heard of reality tv I do not envy you, but there was one show out of a handful that actually had redeeming value- Duck Dynasty. This is because it introduced us to an imperfect, yet saved group of people, in the “Duck Commander’s” Robertson family.

The patriarch of his family, Phil Robertson, has had a storied life since Duck Dynasty, but which of us knows his origin story? How did he become a believer in Jesus Christ? I remain ignorant on such an important element, but what I do know is that this trailer for the film, The Blind, gives us a real opportunity to get the true salvation story, and to a heart-wrenching degree. What’s even better is that this is a trailer for a film coming out tomorrow on September 28th, and it may remain in theaters if we give it a great opening night.

The Blind is a Fathom Event, meaning that it only comes out for a short period (from one day to one week) and hopes that it will pay for itself, because film releases are so expensive. Then, based on that it weighs the risk of remaining in theaters for an extra week or two to cater to and to find their true audience.

Here is the event on the Fathom site, and there is also more information on the movie’s site here.


It looks like it will be showing for at least a week, and then hopefully for longer after that, on condition that it performs well.

But no Duck Dynasty event is complete without the discussions and talk about the story itself, but why would I do this here, when the family offers a podcast on this subject, in preparation for this event? It is here on YouTube.

The Blind Movie Podcast is also on Spotify, which has Phil’s podcast Unashamed, as well, which is part of the Blaze Media lineup.

Based on the trailer and what I’m seeing this looks like an amazing event too. I’m definitely going to see this film.

Hope to see you there!

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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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