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"Surprised by Oxford," Debut Film by Daily Wire Co-Director of Pendragon Cycle, Arrives to Theaters This Week

Still from Surprised by Oxford, credit, Evolve Studios & Trafalgar Releasing

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If you haven’t been keeping up with the next big Daily Wire narrative project, a fantasy series called The Pendragon Cycle, then you might not know that Surprised by Oxford is the film that got the director of this film his job with the Daily Wire. I spoke about this project and about Pendragon here.

Ryan Whitaker, who made his debut film in Oxford, England working with actress Rose Reid, and producer Ken Carpenter (an up-and-coming faith-based film producer who is also putting out The Shift this holiday season) is releasing his labor of love on September 27th! Surprised by Oxford, a romantic drama starring Reid, alongside Irish actor Ruairi O’Connor, is based on the author, Carolyn Weber’s memoirs, in which a woman travels to Oxford to attain her PhD, and finds herself graduating to love.

I have been following Ryan Whitaker since his co-directorship of Pendragon announced recently, and the fact that The Daily Wire “godking,” Jeremy Boreing, gave him such a glowing endorsement for this film, earning him the title of co-director for their newly embarked-upon series, shooting now in Hungary. Jeremy even says he tried to buy the film, he loved it so much!

If that isn’t the biggest compliment you can make, I don’t know what is! So, I guess, now is the time to go see what he was talking about! We hope for great success for the project, and for Ryan, and we hope to one day interview him for future projects.

You can go their site here to buy tickets, or buy them directly online or at the theater. It is unknown whether the film will be playing for more than two days, but if you go to the site you will see that they only include the dates Wednesday September 27th and Sunday October 1st, and only a handful of showtimes! Get your tickets now if you expect to see this film!

But before I go, does anyone remember the little joke I made about the title of the film in my other article here about Surprised by Oxford? Because the title is kind of like that. It’s for people who know. Here is the GIVEAWAY.

Do you get it now? Yep, you have to be a CS Lewis fan to get it, which I am in spades. So, now you know!

Did you enJOY this article? Do you think you will be enJOYing the film? Let us know on our X, or comment down below (with subscription).