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Star of Reacher, Matthew Marsden, Says Conservative Actors and Filmmakers Must Learn to Stick Together

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Matthew Marsden of Amazon’s “Reacher“ series gives advice to fellow conservative industry-types that we must start standing up for each other, instead of letting fellow employees cancel us over political differences.

Speaking on Twitter,

The fact is that conservatives that speak out are not supported by their “ team”. You get cancelled, it’s on you. You get attacked on the left, and your team rushes to help you. Financially. Morally. With PR. This is why more don’t speak out. We abandon our own. It has to change.” – Matthew Marsden

These comments and others come after he spoke on being fired after not getting the jab on a job, and promptly being fired forthwith.

Obviously, many including Marsden have felt they have been unfairly singled out, cancelled, fired, and lost work for their healthcare or political opinions in corporate and public places around the world. It has been a pandemic of persecution from leftists due to tyrannical thinking on their part. And yes, so much of this could have been prevented just by leftists being more benevolent as self-appointed cultural “leaders”, but as Marsden suggests, if conservatives stuck up for each other more, none of us might be in this situation at all.

You can follow Matthew Marsden on twitter to hear more from him there.

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