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Sound of Freedom’s Tim Ballard, Former Head of Operation Underground Railroad, Has Donald Trump On His Podcast

Tim Ballard & Jim Caviezel on The Daily Signal

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Wait- Tim Ballard? That same Tim Ballard of the story behind the Sound of Freedom, has a podcast? Yup. He’s spoken in many places about this subject and his career, but here he get’s full reign, and it shows. He pulls no punches against those who don’t believe human trafficking is that big of an issue, as so many in the mainstream media have alluded to.

Segment of Sound of Freedom article, credit, Rolling Stone

Here is that Rolling Stone story, one of many in the media that claim the film is based in conspiracy theories. But Ballard isn’t having it. He says he will keep fighting for the children, and in the episode here, they speak on “who” these people fighting against them, may be. It’s not pretty, folks.

He has numerous episodes here on Spotify and on his YouTube.

If you have not seen the film The Sound of Freedom, first of all, please go see it. The discussion around people like Tim Ballard shows why we have corruption in our country. Certain people will “tow the party line” now, and refuse to buck the system or even question it, so they do what their leaders do, which is to accuse people like Tim Ballard of being a fraud. They do this because he is on the frontlines now, of not just fighting this kind of crime, but also of joining in the culture war. For this, these cowards will try to cancel him. Because they know that if they don’t THEY will also be cancelled. That’s how mob justice and cancel culture work. They thrive in an environment of a kid’s cowardice.

But now, the cancelers will hate him even more, because Trump, the Orange Man himself, has come on Tim Ballard’s new podcast. When speaking of the film, Trump says…

"...this is much more than entertainment. This is knowledge that can lead to something very important…because it is bad out there. It’s nasty out there..." – Donald Trump, on the Tim Ballard Podcast

They don’t speak with him very long, but Tim has great advice for how we can relate to this issue of being canceled for standing up against human trafficking, and how to detect the corrupt elements in society. He knows this because he’s delt with the dregs of society for decades now. LEO’s like Tim know these people when they see them. And they do not make excuses for people who sit on the fence on this issue. I’m with him on this 100%.

Here is his YouTube, where you can see him and his guests torch American corruption.

Donald Trump, on the Tim Ballard Podcast on YouTube

I do wish there was more of a substantive discussion here about how the US government can stop human trafficking on the border from the President, but this is a short episode, here. It makes me happy that people like Eduardo Verastegui may also be running for president as well. I am fully convinced that someone like him will make an enormous impact on the border if he runs & wins the Mexican presidency.

I’m going to continue listening to Ballard’s podcast in the future, not just for the movers and shakers that show up here, but also because I appreciate Ballard’s unvarnished opinions on this issue. How ‘bout you?

You can support Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) here at, who head up numerous multinational operations to end human trafficking.

You can continue seeing Ballard here, whom I continue to learn from, on how to stop human trafficking, especially of children.

You can watch the Sound of Freedom here, who is spreading this story about Tim Ballard and O.U.R. far and wide. They are showing the film in the international theatrical market, in multiple stages, now. So, they can still use support as well.

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