Sound of Freedom & Illuminate 2023 Wins and Announcements

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by Jon Croft
Sound of Freedom & Illuminate 2023 Wins and Announcements

Who knew Angel was entering the awards ceremonies fray and honoring these kinds of films Hollywood ignores? Wow, they just love to shake up the culture, don’t they? Of course, I should have been aware, since they did this last year as well, which was their premiere for this awards ceremony, and I saw the livestream. But I think it just caught me off guard. Additionally, what set this year’s Illuminate awards ceremony apart for me (and made it next-level) was the introduction of best film award (which “His Only Son” won, deservedly), and the enormous fleet of new projects being introduced at the event. So much so that this begins to feel like a substitute for Hollywood forming (at least in vision). Read the Angel article about it here. Here is the video.

The 2023 Illuminate event is a reminder that the torch of freedom still flies in our country, and that it can illuminate the darkest of places, which feels like our very own country at times. So, let’s a take a look at how Angel is illuminating the present, and our future.

His Only Son did well in theaters, as I’ve spoken of before here. But the award for best series was not The Chosen, since this award is for best “Torch”, not based in other measure of success. Instead a new, as yet unreleased, series won the award, The Tempest, an animated series about facing down the seven deadly sins. Watch here.

These awards, are about the Guild choosing the best Torch (or proof of concepts) instead of what Hollywood deems worthy to praise, which often has to do with clout or political correctness. No, what Angel is doing instead is to choose the best concepts, expressed through short form (like a short film, or proof of concept) and elected by a body of crowdfunding participants much closer in perspective to the regular viewer, ie the Angel Guild.

But what I found really exciting is the huge bevy of upcoming projects that Angel has planned for us! Here’s the list.

Sound of Freedom
Live Not By Lies
The Telegram
After Death
Gabriel & the Guardians
The Axiom Chronicles

This follows the already large slate of growing content on their site and coming to theaters.

The Shift
The Chosen
Dry Bar Comedy
Riot & The Dance
The Tuttle Twins
The Wingfeather Saga

But there is more! Here is a new and shocking update which the event closes on: Sound of Freedom. I wasn’t quite sure where to put Sound of Freedom on this list because, it has already been made (so, it is already existing work), but it has not yet been released. That’s the incredible news here.

Angel is opting for a SUMMER 2023 release in theaters! That is BLOCKBUSTER season for theaters, and a very risky release date because many films simply cannot compete with the tentpole films that the studios release then. But Angel has decided to take the plunge. Why? Angel believes that considering the important, necessary, and timely subject matter, that Americans need to see this film, and that there is a market out there for those who WANT to learn more about human trafficking regardless of the general non-interest for this subject in Hollywood. A natural demand exists, due to the need-to-know basis of this subject.

I support this film, and my involvement in trying to get human trafficking out there as a subject will be discussed at some point here, but suffice to say, PLEASE support this film on JULY 4- INDEPENDENCE DAY 2023!!! Pay it forward for others who cannot see the film, and show Hollywood that “God’s children ARE NOT FOR SALE!”

Did you enjoy this article? Are you going to be supporting this film and other future Angel projects? To let us know, comment on our social media, or on our page down below (with subscription).

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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