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"Sound of Freedom" Anti-Human Trafficking Film Gets $7m in Pre-Sales for July 4 Independence Day Release

Sound of Freedom promo materials, credit, Angel Studios

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It was reported by Deadline that the film Sound of Freedom (an anti-human trafficking film that Disney tried to bury), has now already gained $7m in pre-sales and is projected to do very well. They have currently set a milestone of 1.2 million tickets to be sold, working up to their “2 million for 2 million” goal, a goal set in remembrance of the 2 million children caught in human sex trafficking. They are 1-million in tickets into that goal as we speak.

See Angel’s livestream of ticket sales here.

The star of the film, Jim Caviezel, shares on his interpretation of the true story of the former Homeland Security officer, Tim Ballard, who was frustrated with not being able to stop the human trafficking operations in other countries. So he quit and started the Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.).

Here is an interview with the former Homeland Security officer, Tim Ballard.

Jim Caviezel interviews with the Daily Signal here to discuss the very real implications of listening to the media vs listening to your heart on matters like this. Message being: if you want to do more good, don’t listen to the media narrative, and instead work to create change.

Credit, The Daily Signal on Youtube

Angel Studios just keeps shaking up Hollywood! The film is gearing up for it’s Independence day release TONITE!

Get your tickets at Angel! And get ready to hear the sound of freedom from former child slaves on Independence Day 2023! Do your part to “pay it forward” for others to see the film as well!

Get free tickets if you cannot pay it forward. Happy 4th everyone!

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Happy 4th everyone!