"Sound of Freedom 2" Possible, Says Director Alejandro Monteverde, Reporting From Variety

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by Jon Croft
"Sound of Freedom 2" Possible, Says Director Alejandro Monteverde, Reporting From Variety
Alejandro Monteverde at red carpet premiere of Sound of Freedom, Credit, Angel Studios

Director Alejandro Monteverde claims that Sound of Freedom 2 is definitely possible- saying its “in the works.”

Alejandro Monteverde got to respond to all the controversy created by media outlets such as Rolling Stone, who muddy the waters of the film with conspiracy theory accusations. The response from Monteverde was very simple, and it’s shameful that these media outlets can’t simply stick to the facts: the film was made before Q-Anon conspiracies existed, as Variety reiterates to us here. But, I believe RS is reporting this way for political reasons, and not to uphold journalistic integrity.

‘Sound of Freedom’ Director Calls QAnon Labels ‘Heartbreaking,’ ‘Not True,’ Debunks With Details of Film’s Origins
The director of box office hit ‘Sound of Freedom’ describes how the film came about and says it is not a QAnon movie.

But what about rumors of a sequel? As reported, Monteverde says…

There’s definitely a lot of interest to exploring [the subject] a little deeper, because this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot of interest to kind of explore Haiti, what’s happening in Haiti. There’s [sequel] talks focusing on Haiti.”

When asked if the Tim Ballard character (played by Jim Caviezel) would be involved, Monteverde said…

Haiti was a big part of Tim’s work. I was very tempted to do Haiti on this film. But I wanted to do an origin story, and it was too much material. I needed to end where I ended.”

So, the first part of the story (Sound of Freedom) was done that way by necessity. It was, by no means, the end of the story. And, I get the feeling there is far more to say, not just about where Tim Ballard’s journey took him, but also about how human trafficking works, and how we can fight it, as a community.

If you listen to Tim Ballard Podcast, I think you will also see signs that more will be explored there. Hopefully there will also be exploration of trafficking on the southern border as well.

Tim Discusses this here, in some disturbing detail.

And The Daily Wire discusses this subject here as well.

Why We Need A Global Coalition To Fight Child Trafficking | The Daily Wire
Most Americans believe slavery was a terrible atrocity from the history books. In terms of pure scale, however, slavery is more alive and well today than at any time in human history. During the horrors of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, nearly 13 million Africans were ripped from their homes and fo…

My hope is that Haiti will be explored in the Sound of Freedom 2, and that number 3 would be about Mexico, and the “Caribbean Queen,” as they call her. I can understand how difficult it might be to depict the Mexican part of the story, due to the political nature of the southern border, but I think it’s going to be necessary if we really want there to be change, and for legal immigration to improve.

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by Jon Croft

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