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"Shadrach": Affirm & PureFlix Team Up With Prolific McNamara on Miniseries

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Sean McNamara is slated to direct a miniseries about faith and loss for Affirm and PureFlix. It’s called “Shadrach” and it promises family entertainment with a message!

Affirm Originals and PureFlix announce the prolific Sean McNamara, director of Soul Surfer, and The King’s Daughter, is now embarking on a faith-based fish-out-of-water miniseries about a horse, and the sacrifices we make.

But just how prolific is McNamara? Since 2020 he has been producing 16 works, whether they be film or series, and he has directed 12 in that same time. Just in the last year, three of his films have been slated for theatrical runs, The King’s Daughter, starring Pierce Brosnan, On a Wing And A Prayer (which was delayed in it’s release), and Reagan, the much-talked-about Ronald Reagan biopic, starring Dennis Quaid.

So what about this soon to be released series? The synopsis reads: “The Wilson family moves from the city to the country. There are great many adjustments to be made. But when 12-year-old Anna Wilson, played by Livi Birch (Stranger Things, Redeeming Love, Tulsa) takes a short cut home from school, she encounters a horse that changes her family’s life.” Succinctly put this sounds like a charming horse-out-of-pasture story.

Considering that Sean McNamara’s “The King’s Daughter” is a mermaid-out-of-water tale, and Soul Surfer is a girl-out-in-the-water tale, this appears to be well within Sean’s wheelhouse! Let’s hope the whole family can enjoy this miniseries. Release date not yet announced, but production has already been underway.

Announcement can be found at Digital Journal and also on Sean’s website.

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