See Darren Wilson's "The God Man," the Final Installment of His Film Series About the Nature of God

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by Jon Croft
See Darren Wilson's "The God Man," the Final Installment of His Film Series About the Nature of God
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Many have given their proposal of the Gospel message in such terms: in history it is not disputed whether Jesus existed, he did, but what is disputed is how to respond to what Jesus asked Peter when in his earthly ministry. He asked “Who do you say that I am?” Peter answered him correctly, but this was before he died and rose again, according to historical record. But then, Peter got to see what occurred in his death and resurrection.

This question resonates within the soul of man, now more than ever, as we see what the Rock that Peter birthed became. And what happened after those events in AD 33 changed the proposition for us on this side of history, forever. Now there can only be three possible explanations of who Jesus was: either he was a liar, or he was a lunatic, or he was Lord, the one true God, as prophesied by the Jewish leaders to come to earth as a man, also known as the Messiah. A “fully God and fully man” savior of mankind, who would lead his people, Israel, back to a new place of rightness before God, in his heavenly kingdom, known as the Kingdom of God.

Rio De Janeiro's "Jesus The Redeemer" statue as shown in "The God Man"

When Jesus stated the Kingdom of God is at hand, this is what Jesus, the Messiah, was speaking of and this is what so many Jews disagreed on. Whether, like Peter or Paul, Jesus fulfilled these prophetic signs of the Messiah, or whether he did not, as so many (not only Jews) still assert. Today this question lingers, and we all answer it through our lives, yes or no. The fruit you bear will undeniably spring forth from your answer to this question, “Who do you say that I AM?”

Director/Producer Darren Wilson, brings us organically to the debate inside mankind and in our culture, to reason with God, and to uncover the truth about Jesus. Was he a liar about being God, when he claimed to be the “I AM that I AM,” (a Jewish title for God) and when the Jews sought to stone him for this blasphemy? Was he a lunatic, who wasn’t really able to see clearly who he was before God, and therefore was mistaken about his humanity? Did this lunacy lead him to mislead, to inflame the Jews, and to set the Jews in a direction from which they would not be able to return, converting many of them to Christianity, and bringing about the Temple’s destruction in 70 AD? Or, was what he claimed legitimate, scholarly, and accurate? Could he forgive sins? Could he raise people from the dead? Did he fulfill hundreds of prophesies? Did he die and then rise from the dead, himself? Is he preparing a place for us in heaven now, as we speak? Is HE GOD?

Darren Wilson about The God Man, Credit, Iris Global on YouTube

The film had a one day screening through Fathom Events, but now it can only be seen online and through WP Films. Watch the trailer now, get the film here, and consider buying a subscription to WP Films, to watch this and much more content about this very subject, here at

I am a big fan of Darren Wilson and what he’s created. I enjoyed some of his other work already, including Holy Ghost & some of the narrative work he’s done, including “Heavenquest: A Pilgrim’s Progress,” in 2019, which he produced with his co-collaborator, director Matt Bilen. I love to see what he’s doing and would enjoy seeing more.

Heavenquest can also be purchased and viewed separately, here.

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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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