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Robby Starbuck Releases 'The War on Children' Film on X and a Few Other Platforms

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This film will not always be free to watch. When I saw this announcement a week or so ago, I didn't realize it was only on X until the 21st (a few days from now). So, I wanted to share it here before it's gone and you must purchase it.

This film, a bigger deep dive into transgenderism, trafficking, and child abuse in schools than Matt Walsh's "What is a Woman?" is a call to action to protect our children. It is not for children, and parents are heeded to understand that if we do not do something about this we may be dooming our own children to a fate worse than death. Having done some research on this issue myself, this is exactly what I believe. It is why I am working on a narrative film about this subject.

Watch the trailer, and the film below, before it is gone.

Here's Robby Starbucks's trailer as well as some instructions on how to view it in other ways.

Here's the film.

As stated the film can be viewed on X until Feb 21st. Robby says,

"Scroll down to the next tweet that has a link you can click to subscribe OR go back to my main page on here @robbystarbuck, make sure you already follow me and then you’ll have the option to click SUBSCRIBE for $5. That gets you access to our film!"

He also says,

"What if you want a higher quality TV or home theatre experience? You can download the Movies Plus app on nearly every TV, App Store and even XBOX. Then search The War On Children to rent the film there. Alternatively, you can download the Rumble app as well where the film is also available to rent for $11.99."

You can also contribute to their work and get more updates on how to view in the future at

So, to sum up.

  1. Watch on X for free until Feb 21st.
  2. Watch by subscribing to @robbystarbuck on X for $5.
  3. Watch by renting on the Movies Plus app, here.
  4. Watch by renting on Rumble for $11.99.
  5. Support their work here.

Watch at your own risk, because this is the seedy, dark stuff happening to many of our kids right now, especially in our public schools.

Did you enjoy this article? Nobody likes to learn that these evils are happening in our country or around the world, but the happy warrior is happy because he knows he is doing all he can to bring change for the better in the world. He knows his work will have a positive effect one day! Be a happy warrior, friends. Let us know what you think of all of this on our social media or down below (with subscription).