Rippaverse Releases Alphacore Trailer For New Comics In Same Universe As Isom

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by Jon Croft
Rippaverse Releases Alphacore Trailer For New Comics In Same Universe As Isom

The Rippaverse trailers are getting better, as previously we also got a trailer from the Isom #2 campaign we briefly wrote about, here. This video was great, but this one appears to be edited better, with some additional storytelling used now. You can see why this is needed because what we are seeing in this trailer is the connective tissue between all these characters in the Rippaverse: Alphacore, Isom, Yaira, and more. In order to connect these skillfully, an appropriate narrative needs to be told well, and in this case, it’s from the perspective of the Alphacore itself.

So far this is looking pretty action-packed and an us vs them battle between these three or four groups is forming. Isom’s group, Yaira’s group, (as the trailer calls them) “the villains who do not try to be good”, and the Alphacore, who appear to be on the side of police, or on the side of law & order. We will see how these groups break down further as the Rippaverse story continues to develop & grow.

Here’s other vids & information on this story, which follows the timeline of the developing Rippaverse

Here’s the first real update on what has been happening this fall from Isom #2 to Alphacore.

Here’s the Isom #2 Animated trailer that came out with their crowdfunding campaign about 4-5 months ago.

Here’s an Isom #2 Cover A Showcase.

And an Isom #2 Poster Showcase.

*SPOILERS* review of Isom #2.

Here’s the update for Alphacore before the trailers came out.

Yes, there are two Alphacore trailers. There’s the one above and another trailer, which is more of a short teaser, here.

Some of the updates in the last few months have been legendary writers and artists joining Rippaverse to do a particular project or task. Mike Baron, the creator of Thin Blue Line, whom we have written about before, here, joins the Rippaverse where he writes the character Goodyng: The Polymath, and a certain unnamed villain.

Chuck Dixon, another legend in comics, also joined the Rippaverse here.

For super fans of the Rippaverse, an update was given only days ago that new memberships will be earning great perks. A monthly and yearly membership is part of getting these kinds of rewards.

“Welcome to the Rippaverse.”

Most of these updates can be seen by subscribing to the Rippaverse channel on YouTube, and going to to get more updates, and to become a member.

It’s exciting to see them go from one very successful campaign to numerous campaigns and multiple issues in the works. It is truly it’s own Rippaverse, now, and I would gander that this is just beginning. Likely, we will see animated shows, graphic novels, and even an opportunity for feature films to come from this, eventually. But what we are witnessing is the foundation stones being laid for a future franchise.

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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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