Q: If DailyWire+ Makes a "Lady Ballers" Sequel Would It Be Called "Masculine Bawlers"?

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by Jon Croft
Q: If DailyWire+ Makes a "Lady Ballers" Sequel Would It Be Called "Masculine Bawlers"?

I bet Matt Walsh wished he had been given an "Offensive Manly Hugging and Hand-Holding Warning" before shooting this film, but no such warning came. Now it is encapsulated for all time in the form of this movie, for all to see.

Check out this hilarious recut of Lady Ballers in which we imagine that Matt Walsh wasn't completely revolted and annoyed by all the awkward hugging and physical contact he had to do with fellow man, god-king, and film director, Jeremy Boreing. Even in knowing this, it makes it even more hilarious in imagining that DW went full woke and incorporated some sort of scene where Jordan Peterson gets to bawl on camera and all the guys of DW get to awkwardly hold hands due to some sort of ridiculous mandate by the Academy Awards that they had to make a gay romance for the sake of equity and inclusion. Just imagine such a farce...

Who would mandate such a thing?

Thankfully for Matt he only had to tolerate these awkward situations for a day or two in production, but for us, we can relive it over and over. Thanks Matt!

That's right, this is literally the opposite thing that someone like Matt Walsh would be comfortable doing, and he has mentioned this before in so many words. Watch here as Matt gives his recount of how the project was brought to him, and how he is the last person in the world to volunteer to be making all this physical contact with his "fellow bros" as work, as he admits here.

But of course, Matt got the joke, and he knew it would be for a good cause. Later, in another video, he states that this film was definitely a funny film, even though he wasn't part of the construction of the film itself, and he thinks all this awkwardness was worth it.

So, you be the deciding word. Will this be the seed of the idea that inspires Lady Ballers 2? Tell me it isn't so, but if it is, I'm sure DW would make it hilariously funny anyway.

We thank Terminal Mode (not a conservative channel) for the parody video and for providing endless hope to the woke DEI in Hollywood! And to those who enjoy humor featuring The Daily Wire!

If you haven't seen this incredibly hilarious film yet, you can enjoy Lady Ballers on Dailywireplus.com tonight! But warning, there may be some awkward homoerotic moments like this one in the film... Enjoy!

Did you enjoy this article? What do you think of this make-believe imagineering of Matt Walsh having to relive every awkward moment and more in Lady Ballers 2: Masculine Bawlers? Give us your observations and ideas for a sequel down below (with subscription) or in our socials!

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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