DW Backstage Debates the Presidential Debate

The Daily Wire Backstage presses into politics with the first 2024 Presidential debate. The team gives their assessment of the results, but also of the challenges ahead to make this an effective debate.

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by Jon Croft
DW Backstage Debates the Presidential Debate

Here we go into the world war of ideology we get into every four years.

There was some wild speculation that this debate would be somewhat unfairly weighted on one side. What we see may be very different in fact, but rumor had it that this would be an unprecedented debate, given that there is no live audience and a 1-2 minute delay, so that any gaffes can be removed or edited out before it reaches the live feeds around the world.

It may still be a "fine" debate but whether or not it actually serves the interest of voter is another question.

Watch here.

The guys at DW still support Trump plenty, even though they've often claimed to be more neutral about him. But they obviously don't support Biden, since DW is a "conservative" platform.

What I'm seeing is that Trump and Biden both have a lot of negative history to live down, and that currently I'm seeing a lot of shilling on both sides without much ability to admit to current disparities.

It feels to me like a big show. No authenticity.

Trump supporters keep harping on Joe's disability for being old, and yet Dems will say that Joe holds his own next to Trump. So, what does this say about Trump? Does he seem that much more spry?

They say Trump "hit" Joe on certain issues, but for me these hits did not land very hard. We keep returning to the zingers (which aren't anything like the way Trump used to be able to make hits) but not the substance. And they don't count the hits Joe made on Trump. He did make a few.

Sadly my assessment is that both of these men seem to be fueled on the past dreams of their younger selves. They both need to relax on a beach somewhere. And my current issues weren't really answered here to my satisfaction.

I hope you enjoyed it, but as for me, I'm happy this is not a political outfit here, and that we don't feel the need to shill for any political position, or candidate, or party. Instead, let's focus on the culture, because a better culture will give us far, far better politics than what we have now.


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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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