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Jeremy Boering takes us on a journey to Italy where glaciated water flows to recreate the scene where Taliesin is discovered as a baby, mirroring the discovery of Moses in the reeds of the Nile.

This production continues to surprise and delight us as to how stories like this are brought into reality. Sparing no expense where it matters, but tightening your belt when necessary, this is something Hollywood can no longer seem to do.

But Daily Wire continues to impress. This is just looking cooler every day.

Then they take us back to the Saxon war camp in Hungary, where we get to meet one of the villains, Thor Rosland as Hengist, the High King, as they describe Morgian is the spiritual antagonist, and likewise, Hengist as the physical antagonist. They also reveal they are shooting episodes 4 and 5 now.


Although my concerns that Charis is a girl boss has not yet been abated, and the end of this video doesn’t do us favors here. The girl boss trope must be defeated in conservative media. We must do our ladies a favor, and let them be the harmonious, gloriously beautiful creatures they are… and dispense with the pressure on women to be the heroic leaders and fighters, that Disney has tried to corrupt the minds of women with. Sure, it’s just entertainment, but we also want to distinguish ourselves from the Disneys and the political virtue signaling out there in Hollywood.

Still, DW is doing quite well to get us great media and we will, of course, cover every update to bring you what DW is doing next to bring this unwoke entertainment to us.

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