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Pendragon Production Diary 4: Standing Stones, Myrddin meets Ganieda

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DailyWire+ share their 4th week of their Production Diary for The Pendragon Cycle, and it is looking ever more epic. This time we are focused on some equestrian work, and the meeting between Ganieda (Brett Cooper’s character) and Myrddin (Tom Sharp’s character who is also called Merlin).

So what does this mean? Myrddin is this universe’s Merlin and Ganieda is his love interest. So in this story Merlin meets Ganieda, played by Brett Cooper, and no doubt, falls in love. But then something happens. In the book, Merlin becomes "Mad Merlin", and I think for many, their speculation may be, “did he lose Ganieda?”

Maybe this is true, maybe not, but you will have to read the books in order to get an inside track before the series arrives. But what we can say now is that Merlin becomes “mad”, and this actually seems to help him in places to assist Arthur later when it is Arthur’s turn to rule and reign in Britannia.

If you seek to get on that “inside track” here is the audiobook version, which I think I neglected to share before.

Go here for Taliesin: The Pendragon Cycle, Book 1 or here,

Here is the Week 4 Video Diary.

So in this video diary, Brett Cooper and Tom Sharp meet setting up this eventuality, and sets the story on it’s course. What I am seeing here is a very careful and astute attention to detail happening to match the story with the series. As closely as possible to the kind of universe we are talking, Jeremy & Ryan are following Lawhead’s pre-history with the Druids and with the anthropological influences Stonehenge had upon the people of that day. This is important for people to understand to get the undergirding of Arthurian legend.

So, we are getting to something very mythical here, which is far more relevant that many may believe. The origins of the US (and our modern conception of a free nation-state) is the origins of the UK. The origins of the UK is the origins of Arthur (and the results of Saxon, Roman, and Viking invasions). And the mythical origins of Arthur is what we are getting at here. From where did this diverse collection of souls find connection, and bound themselves together under the banner of the Pendragon? Because unlike the Germanics, Nords, or other even more isolated groups like those in Japan, the English were very much a diverse collection of Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Norman, and other visiting rainbow of guests, to form, in time, a united bunch who eventually resisted further invasion, to form their own national identity quite successfully.

Some even say that the UK invented national identity as we now know it. This is how strong their union once was. And how will it be strong again, but by reminding them, and us here in the states, what social binding force initially brought us together? This is Arthur for our UK friends, and for us it may be George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or the Puritan pilgrims who came here seeking religious freedom from oppression, not only from Rome, but also from Protestant oppressors like Calvin, and Cromwell, who still participated in civil judgments and execution for many who were accused of being heretics.

The new boss- same as the old boss, as they say. But what we are seeing is that each time a nation or a people come together to fight against their oppressors a new, more advanced form of government happens to guard against tyranny, corruption, and injustice. Is this what we will find in Arthur’s Kingdom of Summer? You be the judge.

I have shared this before in a previous article, but this gives a clue on Merlin's aforementioned madness. This is his famous "Mad Merlin" speech, here, as performed by Phillip Abraham, on his YouTube.

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