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Pendragon: Brett Cooper, Rose Reid, Tom Sharp & James Arden Look Breathtaking on Set of Daily Wire’s Arthurian Series

Tom Sharp as Merlin in The Pendragon Cycle, credit DailyWire+

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Daily Wire officially releases character profile images from the set of Pendragon Cycle by directors Boreing & Whitaker. They show Brett Cooper, Rose Reid, James Arden, & Tom Sharp looking incredible. Additionally another actress named Emree Franklin looks amazing as Morgian (down below).

The Daily Wire’s first narrative series, based on the fantasy Arthurian re-imagining, The Pendragon Cycle books by Stephen R. Lawhead, has recently begun shooting in Hungary. Soon after, the DW “godking” Jeremy Boreing offered up some evidence of both the set-building and the first action scenes being shot. Then casting announcements, as we congratulate Brett Cooper (host of the Comments Section) on her new role as Ganieda, and Rose Reid, who plays Charis.

Brett Cooper as Ganieda
Rose Reid as Charis

These set photos are like portraits and definitely qualify as character profiles for the series. The idea with this is to lead us deeper into the story through the characters, and their parts to play in this tale of fantasy and legend.

To break them down quickly:

Charis, princess of Atlantis travels to Ynys Prydein (now, Britain), marries Taliesin the druid, and has Merlin as child. Rose Reid (above) plays Charis, James Arden (below) plays Taliesin, and their child is the strapping lad Merlin, played by Tom Sharp (below). Emree Franklin plays Charis’ jealous half-sister, Morgian (below). Merlin (aka Myrddin) will then meet Princess Ganieda later, played by Brett Cooper (above).

James Arden as Taliesin
Tom Sharp as Merlin
Emree Franklin as Morgian

That’s the quickest summation I can give of these few characters. Arthur will come in later in the series, after Merlin’s time with Ganieda and his short stint as King of the Dyfed, and later, mystical madman. My guess is Arthur will show himself after the first season, considering the third book, Arthur comes after the Taliesin & Merlin books which are the books the first season in built around.

Seven episodes should be about a three month production time in my estimation, which is about 3.5 to 4 feature films long. Extensive VFX should not be necessary for this story, but possibly a month’s worth of work, which hopefully can be done after they do an almost-finished cut which could take 4-5 months.

My guess is next summer they should be able to hit the streets with this series. Pretty exciting folks!

How do you think these actors look as their characters? What about the costuming work? Let us know what you think on our socials, or down below on this page (with subscription).