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Oliver Anthony Goes On Joe Rogan Experience and Reads Proverbs 4:20

Joe Rogan, credit, The Joe Rogan Experience

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Joe Rogan, the free speech liberal, has put Oliver Anthony on, who is the man with the burning cause to help the poor through his music. This, only days after he discusses the musician with another guest on his show. So, now Oliver Anthony (which was the name of his grandfather, and is now his stage name), who has only been famous for weeks now, has expressed that he is not the kind of guy to get a big record deal (but apparently he is the kind of guy to go on Rogan). I think they agree on the free speech cause, and the need to help the marginalized in our country.

Anthony quotes Proverbs 4:20 below.

Rogan advised Oliver that he should stay as authentic as possible, playing Janis Joplin in studio, and a bit of Anthony’s “Don’t Have A Dollar” song. He said that Oliver has talent, and he doesn’t need to rush into his career, because he’s got everything he needs to succeed.

But the great message of this episode for me, is the fact that Oliver recounts his accident, a traumatic brain injury, and Rogan points out that his depression was likely a result of this injury, which really lights up Oliver to the realization that this is probably true. But the great contrast here was that Oliver said he’s already been doing better, even while he never knew about the brain injury affecting his mood. But how? He said that along with his Bible reading, Oliver decided to put down his ego, and what he wanted in his life, to pursue what God wanted for him instead. This is what he credits for setting him on the right path to where he is now. He had to retrain his brain with verses like the one here.

Now, listen down here where Ruslan KD breaks down this portion of the clip, as well as Oliver Anthony’s relationship to the Christian faith here. We can be of use, being what the Bible calls salt & light to the world, even as mockers and fools ignore God’s help.

You can pursue great knowledge, and have moments of surprise, even learn about the human brain, or you can actually fix it. Nothing is better than the real answer. Doing the hard work to get your life straight with God, reading the Word, and aligning your values properly is what most satisfies the human spirit.

Do you believe Oliver Anthony’s fame has brought us closer to God, because this appears to be what God is doing through his life.

Here is the entire Joe Rogan episode on Spotify.

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