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Oliver Anthony Comes "Out of the Woods" In His New Worldwide Tour

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If you haven't been checking up on now-infamous musician, Oliver Anthony, that's okay, because I have. Lots has happened since September, and this has all been working up to a real tour in which he can take his music on the road, to the people.

He unveiled his new tour this month after a whole slew of stuff happened, including a difficult live event in September, in which he had to cancel the event. But then he established a verbal deal with some reps in Nashville from UTA, by the name of Curt & Jeffrey. He reiterates that he's never signed over anything and hasn't made some kind of contract in blood. This was September 23rd.

That's right, he's talking about more than the local concerts he's been doing within driving distance with his "90's-something Chevy." He is talking about a worldwide tour. Obviously this is no Taylor Swifty-type deal, because Oliver still seeks to keep ticket prices low for fans. That is his top priority for his concerts, and I think this is a noble, worthy goal for his music.

But, speaking of his music, does this mean he is going to just be playing this same songs he's been playing? Not that this would be bad, but this was a question I had in my mind. Typically an artist will promote a new album during their new tour, but he still only has his few singles available online- no album.

This all may change soon.

"Dozens of songs," he says...

Oliver has indicated in his posts that he has new material he had to put on the back burner since things "blew up." He even plays a short clip of what looks to be a new song, here, where he sings...

"Well, the life we've been given and the way we've been livin' just a song that we write till we die."**

This sounds like the bread crumbs to a new song, unless I'm not fully acquainted with all his fully released music yet. And that sounds exciting! New songs, potentially a new album, and some fun stuff like this!

Think he's ready to head to Nashville yet? Naw, let's see his new stuff at a new concert! He wears pink hats but also quotes scripture! This was on Halloween where he also wore a gorilla suit...

But even better than all this he unveiled the world tour with a two part video on Instagram, featuring Oliver waking up from a month-long dream, after which he heads back to his old job, believing this all to be just a bad dream...

It's now on YouTube as one video.

Dates & places below.

As he has stated, be careful of scalpers, so do not go to alternative places to get tickets. Follow his instructions on his site at

There's some very diverse locations here! So, I hope it's something people might enjoy, to give them some respite from their tough situation.

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