Music Video '23' Shows Us A Musical Number from Angel's Animated Story 'Young David' Taken from Psalm 23

Music Video '23' Shows Us A Musical Number from Angel's Animated Story 'Young David' Taken from Psalm 23

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by Jon Croft

When you read and then try to sing to the Psalms it lightens your being. What a delight! But what would it have been like to see a young David begin to form these songs as he is growing up?

Well, now is your chance.

David starts to look better and better as their short Young David episodes continue to arrive and as we get to see the prequel to the larger story take shape. The five short episodes continue to arrive, and the first three are already available to see now.

Episodes 1-3, Warrior, King, and Shepherd are now able to be seen for free on and Poet and Worshiper are soon coming! Take a watch and let me know that this won't be incredible to see on the big screen when David arrives to theaters!

That's right, Young David is the five-episode prequel to the David movie! And it looks better than any Disney movie I've ever seen! I can't wait for it to get past the shepherding scene in the wilderness, and for some other characters to arrive and some other sequences to fill out this story into a true epic! They do this briefly in other episodes, but nothing major just yet.

A segment of this song '23' was also released as a trailer for the upcoming episode 4 named Poet a few weeks ago, but the entire song is quite wonderful and worth listening to again and again.

You can also see that the detail work on the animation takes a huge step up from these shorter segments and trailers when you see the real thing. When you see the movie footage from David it is even better, so don't be concerned that this will be one of those cheap quality animated projects. This is Pixar quality.

Here's the trailer for Poet which features a portion of the '23' song.

Final thoughts: I bet you the soundtrack for this film will be incredible...

Did you enjoy this article? Are you looking forward to the David movie? Have you watched the young David short episodes yet? Let us know your thoughts down below (with subscription) or on our social media!

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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