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Mikhaila Peterson On How She Found God

Mikhaila on the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast on YouTube

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Jonathan Pageau is an exceptional place to start to see God in the world around us and he gets to explain the journey to God here in Mikhaila’s podcast. It is the true, honest search for God, and what it means to be a true believer in the God who created all the good and beautiful things in the world.

Some background. If you’ve never heard of Mikhaila Peterson, she is Jordan Peterson’s daughter, and in the last few years Mikhaila, as well as her mother, Tammy Peterson, has experienced very difficult situations, dealing with health issues, and suffering. As this does with many, this kind of suffering often leads people to search for God, to find the meaning behind such difficulty. And as is also often the case, the scripture that says, “If you seek , you will find” becomes ever more meaningful.

Listen to Jonathan & Mikhaila, as they describe likely what is the greatest discovery mankind has ever made… the discovery of the one true God. It’s truly fascinating. And as you do, think of her father Jordan’s perspective on this, and if he has also embarked upon this journey. Will he also find God in this way as well?

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