Michael Pack, Director of Daily Wire's Clarence Thomas Doc, Works To Rebuild Conservative Values Through Film

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by Jon Croft
Michael Pack, Director of Daily Wire's Clarence Thomas Doc, Works To Rebuild Conservative Values Through Film
Clarence Thomas from Created Equal, credit, DailyWire+

Appearing in various places such as The Eric Metaxas Show & Hollywood in Toto, Michael Pack and his son Thomas Pack strive to build a new project to assist fellow conservative filmmakers to make a difference. They call it Palladium Pictures, and it concentrates on the documentary format to help educate Americans on their heritage in human freedom and to help counter the increasingly popular communist values of the left, which shuns human rights.

Why are these documentary works needed? Because if you disagree with the statement that either the left is communist (and Marxist) in nature or that it shuns human value, it proves that you need to see one of their documentaries, because you’ve been lied to and miseducated. All the popular and influential social movements of the left (liberal) side of the aisle has been either created or co-opted by Marxist revolutionary values (which means they only value revolution and power). They make these values clear when you hear them speak in greater detail on who they are, but for the normies who dig no farther than the surface entertainment-value they get from watching their own ignorance destroy the country, well… they won’t understand that they caused this destruction themselves.

So Palladium Pictures works to build-into a new breed of documentary filmmakers the talent & work required to make change in our country. Palladium is a production company that has a duel purpose to create great doc work while also serving as an “incubator” to assist conservative filmmakers to start their careers and build their voice in the non-fiction documentary work space.

These interviews can explain more on this below.

Listen to their interview here on The Eric Mataxes Show.

You can find them at PalladiumPictures.com and if you click on the incubator program you will be directed to fill out the info required to get you started. They will be owning and distributing the film, but this works to help fund and provide resources to get you started. Applications close every year on December 1st, and they will be doing this every year. Obviously this is for filmmakers who are conservative or right of center, because there is a severe lack, but a large demand for this kind of work.

On the Hollywood in Toto podcast, Christian Toto & Pack discuss how Hollywood can be fixed with good films. Some believe this is the case, and some not so much, but suffice to say that Hollywood must be reformed or broken up, because it has been corrupted by these Marxist groups, and is now corrupting our culture with propaganda, smut, and anti-American and anti-family clap trap.

Pack explains that bad journalism & bad documentary work is a great source of this nonsense, citing that 9 out of 10 documentaries are originated and funded by large financial interests in Hollywood, as opposed to being from independent filmmakers. This must change if freedom is top survive.

Listen to them here on the Hollywood in Toto podcast.

There are also many other interviews the father/son duo have done, but also, if you seek to see their film work, you can see the Clarence Thomas documentary “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words” on the DailyWire+ streaming app. It’s quite good!

Go here to see that.


Here is a trailer for the film.

There is also a video interview with Michael Pack here, discussing the subject of reclaiming the culture through film.

Did you enjoy this article on making a difference as a documentary filmmaker? Did you know about Michael Pack and Palladium before? Have you seen the DW documentary on Clarence Thomas yet? Let us know on our social media, or comment down below (with subscription).

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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