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Matt Walsh to Star in 'Judge Judy'-style Comedy Show 'Judged by Matt Walsh'

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Daily Wire's Matt Walsh is best known for his deadpan delivery of his favorite past-time, which is people-scolding. So, what better show for him to star in than a comedy about telling crazy people to get off his lawn?

Except there are some concerns I have about this show. Of course, here I am again, being a critic before the show has even arrived. So, before I do this, let's talk about what Matt Walsh says about his own new show.

Of course he has a healthy sense of self-effacement, and he lays it on pretty thick. But I want to admit that I was in the camp of people that Matt mentions in his video below. I literally thought this was an April Fools joke, which is why it took me some time to put pen to paper. Otherwise, I'd have put this out four days ago.

So, I guess his joke worked very successfully.

We get to see Matt here confirming that this is not an anomaly, either. Many others also took it to be a joke as well, as you can see here.

This show premiere's on April 9th at 8pm on DW+, and they give a discount to subscribe to the streamer with code: JUDGED. Go here to get the discount. We do not get any kickbacks for this link or for publishing this article.

So now, on to my concerns for the show. I do feel that Matt Walsh tends to comedically roast liberals and progressives who have fallen far from the divine tree of God's grace (joking). But this show actually doesn't look like it is doing that, it looks rather more like it is a roast of Matt Walsh himself, who is playing a fake judge who is making fun of his own arrogant appearance when he roasts the liberals. It's a tad bit self-referential, obviously.

Nevertheless, I think the issue with this is that we haven't seen Matt doing this much, and these kinds of jokes tend to come naturally to stand-ups or actors. In other words, it's not that this will likely not be a good show, with good writing, or funny situational comedy (which we see in the trailer), but this doesn't mean that Matt's natural ability to roast liberals will be coming into this show at all. In fact, likely it won't, and I find that disappointing. The "being judged" aspect of the concept here could get lost, as we may be seeing Matt roasted just as much as anyone else.

That said, I will not write the show off whatsoever, and if anything, this could end up being one of their better shows! My own issue as a creator is that I often sacrifice the good for the hope of the perfect, and if I can't achieve that, sometimes I drop it. So, this could be my own silly issue. But, it's a potential issue that I see.

We will see on Tuesday April 9th and hopefully we can discuss this afterwards!

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