Mark Cuban Talks Up Podcast App Fireside at Podcast Movement Convention

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by Jon Croft
Mark Cuban Talks Up Podcast App Fireside at Podcast Movement Convention
TechCrunch, CC BY 2.0

Mark Cuban unveils new podcasting distribution app “Fireside” at Podcast Movement convention in Dallas.

Mark Cuban spoke about his new streaming and podcasting distribution app named Fireside at the Podcast Movement con recently. He and his CEO of operations Falon Fatemi discussed what made the platform so useful and different. They described it as an interactive web3 streaming platform, which, from a podcaster’s perspective, could make it far more dynamic, like a complete distribution platform for content creators who can begin with podcasting or with any other audio that needs distribution to a podcasting or a streaming platform, including video and streaming broadcasts.

As Cuban says, “Think about that, you have a full distribution studio in the palm of your hand. We’re on YouTube right now, Fireside right now, on the web right now. Easy, easy peasy.”

For content creator’s this could make things far easier, allowing facilitation of your stories and shows to reach the public much quicker as well.

Visit the site,, for more information.

Download the app here.

The Dallas Observer covers this story here.

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Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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