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Major Update: Angel Studios Brings “After Death” Experience to Theaters in October

Still from After Death trailer, credit, Angel Studios

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Angel Studios, distributors of controversial outsider film, Sound of Freedom, gets to take over theaters once again with your assistance! This time they’re coming for theaters during the “horror season” to bring a realistic spiritual doc that leads people to God, instead of a terrifying horror.

So, we got the full trailer of the new film “After Death”, a documentary with re-enactments of people’s real-life near-death experiences, but we also have the livestream here, below. They document the very consistent patterns that they’ve discovered in their interviews with those who have experienced such a phenomena. It’s quite impressive, both this livestream & trailer.

Here’s the theatrical announcement livestream, which goes into quite a bit more, including how they will do the theatrical release, and if you should attend.

It is coming October 27th, hopefully to a theater near you. But there’s a catch. You have to let your voice be heard.

How do I do this, you may ask?

Go here to

They are encouraging viewers to order tickets right away, to send a signal to theaters that these films are making a difference in the industry. They need a certain number of orders to theaters to make a difference. If you’ve seen the trailer, you know this film will matter to those who are skeptical of spiritual truth. You can make a difference to these people.

You can order now, so that on October 27th, multiple ticket pre-orders can be purchased. This can be the Halloween season event for you and your family.

If you’re concerned about your kids viewing this content, watch the livestream, as they discuss this in depth. Watching the trailer can also give you insight on the tone and subject matter of this film, but suffice to say, they say it is possible for some kids to see this safely. It is likely going to be much safer than most spooky and horrific content kids may otherwise be encouraged to see this season, anyway.

It may be something to pray about.

I hope to attend this event myself, and I’m exciting this is coming to so many theaters. The number of theaters is growing as they go along, so please offer your support if you can. Enjoy this film, friends!

Did you enjoy this article? Did you enjoy learning about what your next film plans in October will be? I certainly hope you consider goi g to this film, because it could change your life or somebody you love. Let us know if you are going to this film on our social media, or comment down below (with subscription).