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Lightwise Podcast Shares the Light of Truth Through the Craft of Filmmaking

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Lightwise podcast is really quite amazing. It is one of the best podcasts on culture from a traditional Christian perspective I have ever seen.

It is my hope that with all the articles here recommending entertainment from Angel Studios, some of you may have gotten the app, visited the site, or seen some of their shows such as Tuttle Twins, Wingfeather, Freelancers, Dry Bar Comedy, The Chosen, or Testament. If you haven’t yet, please do, but let me show you something that many of you might not have known about, until now.

They have some great podcasts. Yes, you can go to each show, watch whatever on the app for free, or pay-it-forward with films and shows of your choice, but did you know that they have great podcasts for The Chosen and one called LightWise from Angel Studios which is exceptional? Similarly to some of the Daily Wire shows and podcasts, it is one of the best produced and crafted podcasts that can be seen, period. But even better than the production quality of the podcast, the subject matters they discuss are bar-none some of the best, as it comes to culture, media, and entertainment.

That’s the stuff I enjoy, of course. Because, as a filmmaker and storyteller, I often get inspiration and guidance from these kinds of discussions. But anyone who enjoys culture, or as someone who enjoys entertainment, you can also gain an understanding of where our new culture is going.

Here are some of my favorite episodes. All of them can be found here on the site, and in the Angel app.

Sci-fi and Religion
This discusses the relevance of sci-fi to a religious audience, or rather, how sci-fi and religion relate to each other. Why sci-fi is relevant and necessary today.

The Underrated Value of Comedy
After covid many of our lives were taxed and stressed beyond belief. Comedy became a healing salve for many. It reminded us why comedy is important and powerful in a healthy society. Guest speakers are from the Freelancers show.

The Crisis (and Creator) behind the Time-Traveling Twins
This episode explores the story of the Tuttle Twins and how to educate kids on our American freedoms & heritage. Recently a 12 year old kid, Jaiden Rodriguez, was experiencing difficulty in school because he liked the Gadsden Flag and he placed it on his backpack, which he brought to school everyday. The principles and lessons taught in these books and shows were some of the things that got him & his family through that hard time. This true story and many others is why Connor Boyack’s books and tv show is great for kids. I wrote about it here.

The Quality of Courage in Film and in Life
Jim Caviezel’s the Sound of Freedom has taken the world’s theaters by storm, first in the states, and now it is going theatrical throughout international markets. But its the story of Sound of Freedom that inspires us to spread love and do good throughout the world, because the alternative is frightening. This takes courage, because surprisingly, not everyone is on the side of freedom for the world’s child slaves.

The Challenges of Portraying Holiness
The star of His Only Son, and incredible performer, Nicolas Mouawad, explains how to do the impossible and depict holiness on screen. Here’s the hint: you can’t. It’s impossible. And all art reflects the reality of humankind, which is that our imperfections are used by a perfect God to relay a message to humanity. The message is, simply: “We need God, and cannot do it without him.”

This is by no means every episode. There are many other great ones. In fact they also just dropped one on how an actor can “depict evil” on screen, while not compromising their faith, but I have not yet seen it.

Did you enjoy this article on Lightwise? Let us know if you enjoyed any of these Lightwise episodes on our social media, or comment down below (with subscription).

Lightwise podcast shares the light of truth through the craft of filmmaking & storytelling @lightwisepod @AngelStudiosInc via @themediamoses

— Media Moses (@themediamoses) September 18, 2023

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