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Kirk Cameron Seeks To Encourage Parents With Documentary "The Homeschool Awakening"

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Coming this June 13th & 14th, Kirk Cameron expounds and illuminates his own homeschool journey to show us that our families are not alone, that homeschool is not keeping your kids from finding real growth opportunities, real communities, and that homeschool options are now more dynamic than ever before. This brand new documentary serves as a one-stop invitation to new homeschoolers and encouragement to families to keep on keeping the faith for their kids, because they ARE worth it!

The film is being released as a Fathom Event and that means it is in most theatrical markets at your local Fathom Event theaters (such as Regal Cinemas) for two days with hopes of expanding and continuing distribution to the greatest number of viewers possible.

Find information on the release and on the story of the film at their website here.

To find your local Fathom Event theater go here.

Watch the trailer here.

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