JP Sears Discusses Comedy, the Jab, and Christianity on Babylon Bee

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by Jon Croft
JP Sears Discusses Comedy, the Jab, and Christianity on Babylon Bee

JP Sears and The Babylon Bee are both the most appropriate people to get together about now. Funny (with some caveats), and Christian (with some caveats), these guys are perfect for each other. And so obviously this interview moves along with incredible synergy. Like peas, which we will call The Bee, and carrots, which… well, we all know who that is in this example.

They discuss how he got to be soooo intolerant, both on a professional level, as well as on a health, diet, and self-care level. They discuss the nature of evil, gender ideology, the lies that the devil has propagated in the world, and how this evil is what brought JP to Christianity. Funny enough.

I love how the Babylon Bee had a laugh over JP Sears’ serious video about God, hinting that it should have been funnier, while the Babylon Bee now puts out a podcast that does this very same thing every week. Waxing on too philosophically, I think.

I have to admit I’m mildly disappointed by the fact that the Babylon Bee is no longer as funny every week, as now they spend the majority of their time checking guests on their theology, but I also have to admit that I love both of these guys so much that I can’t complain too much. When they decide to go back to being funny it is very encouraging and it feels like there is hope for us.

Such as in the sketches “Woke Shark Tank”, or “Who Could Win In A War Against Superman”, there is proof that there is hope for the Babylon Bee.

However, I do admit that Seth Dillon needs to go back to watching old late night comedy shows (and maybe some improv?) and learning how to integrate this into their podcast show. It’s not easy, doing a comedy show on the weekly. I personally think it’s about getting the right people, getting comedians who have a certain chemistry together, practicing that chemistry in sketches (and especially in improv comedy), and getting that practice going regularly.

Just from this podcast episode you can see that if you look at their best joke it was making fun of themselves as not funny. This is funny because it’s true.

Who else agrees? The Babylon Bee Podcast needs to get back to being funny. My proposal to Seth is for them to give their two hosts a new podcast which is heartfelt and sweet, called “Not The Bee Podcast” (which should try not to be funny) and make the attempt again at fitting more comedy into this show with some new people.

Hey, I still love the Bee. They do great stuff. They’re head & shoulders above The Onion, but the podcast fools you because the last thing you expect is some of the subjects they explore on there. Dull as dishwater in places. The sketches are great, but let’s fit some great comedy into that podcast again, guys!

Did you enjoy this article and the Bee’s podcast episode with JP Sears? Let us know how you feel about the episode. Not as funny as it should be? Or just fine? Send your complaints to Seth Dillon here.

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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