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Jonathan Pageau Finishes Campaign To Publish Fairy Tale “Snow White & the Widow Queen” and Create 'Symbolic World Press'

Jonathan Pageau on YouTube

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Jonathan Pageau set out on this journey years ago to assist in repairing the effects that modern comedies like “Shrek” had upon the timeless classics like the “Grimm’s Fairytales”. Not simply being a reputational re-building, I believe his efforts are more about showing a true affection for the myths and folk tales that he feels actually makes up the fabric of our society. I am, personally, in agreement with this effort, and I feel that if even just for the lesson this teaches children, these kinds of stories are essential in teaching our society moral values and principles.

Go to the kickstarter here, but know that it has already been completely funded.

Credit, Jonathan Pageau’s Snow White & the Widow Queen campaign on Kickstarter

So, what is Snow White and the Widow Queen? I cannot explain it like Pageau can in his countless podcast episodes and articles about this subject, but suffice to say, I would call it a return to the tradition of folktale and fairytale-style storytelling in the same universe as Snow White. I think he is doing this in the interest of honoring the tale, but also in the interest of honoring this kind of storytelling as well.

Pageau also puts some effort into explaining what these stories actually mean, which for me is very important in me feeling that he can honor these kinds of fairy tales effectively. This is why I intend to actually support his efforts, even though I didn’t make it to the Kickstarter in time to participate in it. It had been on my list to get to, but I didn’t make it in time. Jonathan says this is okay, and do not feel bad about arriving at the campaign late, because he says he will have new ways to support Symbolic World Press in the coming months and years. He plans MANY MORE fairy tales and editions in the future.

Go here to see his site, and the many podcast episodes & articles he published in order to get to this stage now. Watch and listen, as you will see his incredible talent, and the talent of the many artists he has working with him on these projects.

Fascinating work!

Go to his website here

Andrew Klavan also has a discussion with Jonathan Pageau here on his podcast about his “Snow White & The Widow Queen” campaign & his publishing efforts.

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