In Midst of Israeli War, Jeremi Licata's Music & Dear Prodigal Can Give Some Meaning

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by Jon Croft
In Midst of Israeli War, Jeremi Licata's Music & Dear Prodigal Can Give Some Meaning
Chief Joy, from Jeremi Licata

Not only is Jeremi Licata a Florida boy like myself, but he rediscovered God in a parking lot, and this made his music what it is now.

There’s a story embedded in there for sure. His two latest singles from this summer are below

But what about wars and conflict happening throughout the world, such as in Israel? I agree. How can a simple song or melody help us to gain a clear picture, or meaning in all of this suffering?

Well, the story of the Prodigal Son is not just for all mankind, it is specifically for the Jewish people. When the Father, who’s two sons do not fully understand his love for them, comes back into full view, we are granted an opportunity to see Him for who He is- when things go wrong, especially. War, famine, disease, discouragement, pain, loss, grief. The Prodigal Son went away, believing he could live his life without the Father’s love, not fully seeing His Father’s use. As he goes through the valley of Death and loss, this is where he seeks the Father once again.

This was true in Jeremi’s life.

You can feel it in every line, in every chord, and in every strained breath. Jeremi Licata’s music is about his rediscovery of God. He says this himself on his various social media’s and bios such as the one on Spotify. Rediscovering God in a parking lot must be like Christ being born in a manger. Humble and yet powerful.

And this is like his music quite often. A simple chord or feeling, enhanced and exploded by poignant lyrics. Then the depth gets to come out.

Listen to his new album from this year, Dear Prodigal, to get the feeling of the rediscovery of God. It’s like we all know him, and then we get reintroduced through the seeking for deeper truth in life. Maybe we get discouraged. Maybe we start to get confused or desperate. But in either case, something familiar hits us when we clearly read the Bible or listen to God’s voice speaking to us from a Christian song that washes us clean with pure beauty, pure truth. We can hear God speaking clearly to us.

As for me, I hope and pray for the peace of Israel, but not just in the flesh outwardly. I pray for it inwardly. So that Israel can find peace in their relationship to God, their Father, once again. The Prodigal Son who needs to come home.

You can find Jeremi on his YouTube, on Spotify, and on Instagram.

Did you enjoy this article? Are you also a fan of Jeremi Licata’s music? What music do you turn to to find peace? Let us know on our social media!

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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