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Gabriel and the Guardians Livestreams Introduction of Characters, Story World, and Announces GalaxyCon Appearance

Gabriel & The Guardians logo, Credit, Angel Studios

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Gabriel & the Guardians introduces their top three characters Gabriel, Nok, and Namay’Ah, and reveals a new world of adventure in their best livestream yet. We get to see how much of a true creative expression this is for our kids. But also a fantasy world inspired by Genesis, like an alternate universe built upon our own.

“Meet the Characters Livestream,” credit, Angel Studios

How many biblical references work consistently to tie this show’s world with our own? Well, what we do know is, as they explain here, a world inspired by the Genesis account, as well as antediluvian writings in archeology. But that’s not all, people. Steampunk, cyberpunk, magic (as interpretive from the Old Testament) and even a Nikola Tesla version of science shows up. This looks amazing! Even, a really fun, exciting, and educational story for kids to learn from. The Bible themes appear to be greatly-instilled in this anime-inspired fantasy story for kids, from the world they live in, to the characters, to the themes of the stories!

In the livestream they delve into their origin story as creators, into their first drawings, and renderings, and into deciding the most important three characters to drive the story forward. See what inspires them in the livestream, and all the connections they draw from the Bible!

Many may not appreciate the anime-style but they make a really great case in the livestream for using anime in reaching their audience, and for telling the story in a style that cannot be better told in other ways. This 2D anime-style is going to be integral and Guardians hopes to be the FIRST crowd-owned anime and manga book series in history. I personally love it!

They give some additional exciting updates too. They will be at GalaxyCon next Friday, so you can see them livestream from GalaxyCon, as they give out some gifts!

But even if you can’t make that date, you can participate by expressing interest in becoming a crowdfunding partner with them. This can make you a part-owner and investor which owns equity (or stock) in the show.

Exciting times! This is looking more and more incredible for my kids, as big Pokémon & Wingfeather fans! This is right up their alley!

Express interest in helping them, here!

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