From “Thin Blue Line” to Rippaverse to “Truth, Justice, American Way,” Success Rings True For America-Loving Comics

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by Jon Croft
From “Thin Blue Line” to Rippaverse to “Truth, Justice, American Way,” Success Rings True For America-Loving Comics

A few years back, the well-informed comic fan got well-acquainted (so-to-speak) with someone by the name of Ethan Van Sciver, the comic artist who became associated with the infamous ComicsGate scandal. If you’re not aware of this scandal, it was the attempt of the mainstream comic publishing corporates to establish complete control over the narratives the creators told, in attempt to sell the woke narrative through the medium. This didn’t go over so well.

So, some people said “no”. They said they wanted to be left alone. They said they wanted to make their stories the way they wanted to, and depict their characters the way they wanted to. Then they got called right-wingers & “white supremacists”.

Ok, so was that it? Does it end there? Absolutely not. That was actually just the beginning of a new way of making comics and potentially an entirely new comics industry built on— say it with me… “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.” That’s right.

Enter the great Americans, the brave trailblazers: Van Sciver, Eric July, Gabe Eltaeb, Mike Baron, and many, many others. These comic creators said, “enough is enough” and they took it upon themselves to not only create their own groundbreaking comics, but to weld the infrastructure required to build their own industry.

Ethan Van Sciver crowdfunded CyberFrog
Mike Baron made Thin Blue Line
Gabe Eltaeb got Truth Justice American Way funded
Eric July got Isom & his own Rippaverse publishing infrastructure built

…and was born.

And many other success cases are being learned of just about every month, including Del Arroz, RazorFist, and Shad Brooks of Shadiversity. Some of these are smaller victories, but they are far from insignificant in the big picture book of our comics future. Additionally, the corporates continue to harp on them, claiming they will have no lasting impact, because they have the lion-share of cash to get their pet political projects done.

But is that true?

Van Sciver is now on his third installment of CyberFrog at IndieGoGo.

Baron has been delivering his Thin Blue Line from his site as well as Private American, a tale about law enforcement on the southern border. –

Gabe Eltaeb has now shipped every book order for his IndieGoGo crowdfund, merch to come from Big Man Comics (and they look glorious). –

And Eric July just funded $1.8million for Isom #2! This campaign is still going!

That is epic, folks!

So, I think those who ever doubted these fellas likely aren’t very good at judging character. I ordered some Truth Justice American Way, along with some Isom for good measure!

Show them some support my friends, but keep in mind, many of these are not for kids!

…Update: Eric July and Gabe Eltaeb will be at Comic Con on 7/20 at Gabe’s booth 1705, and at a panel discussion with Chris Gore, then back at #1705 on 7/21, and also at CGC booth #901. So if you are going there give them a visit!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on these ComicsGate heroes! Are you a fan? Let us know on our socials, or comment down below (with subscription).

Jon Croft profile image
by Jon Croft

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