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FlipCity Mag is Politically Transgressive Art for the Ages

credit FlipCity Magazine, 2022

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Flip City Mag is a true satirical masterpiece, taking modern-day tropes and creating comical genius. Anything from “Count Dankula” to “Paulie Walnuts”… they have it all. “You just gotta love or hate Flip City,” as they say on their website.

You can visit them here for more information:

Flip City Magazine | Comic Satire Magazine
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Now, not only do they have a 6-issue per year subscription, as well as a digital edition, as of late, they have also partnered with an all-American apparel company, Rise Attire, to create t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and a multitude of other items. The designs they use here tend to be from issues #8, #10, and #13.

Check out the site to order your custom items here:

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