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Electric Jesus: See the Trailer for This Fun, Nostalgia Trip to 80's Christian Rock'n'Roll

Still from Electric Jesus trailer

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Did you grow up in the 80’s with the original “Christian Rock” like Petra, Stryper, or Rez Band? Or maybe not. Maybe… did you take a trip back in time to hear what they were cooking back then to get us to the sweet and salty Jesus tunes we got today? Yes, I’m being a bit silly with this but, no these people are taking this just as seriously, and simultaneously having so much fun with this time period. 

So, here’s the trailer for Electric Jesus, a new faith-based comedy starring Brian Baumgartner from The Office (American version) in a massively fun, and hilarious film. Just the “Motley Crue & Stryper Heaven & Hell Tour” made me howl with laughter. And I bet the soundtrack is just bonkers. It features Danielson, 316, Familye Friends, Steve Taylor, and a few other bands to round out the act to make this a great time for anyone who wants to melt into a fiery electric guitar riff as Jesus gets screamed out that hairspray metal coif, making your sins die away and getting the devil running scared, where he rightly belongs! I’ve got to see this film asap. 

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