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Daily Wire Interviews Ethan Van Sciver of ComicsGate Fame About State of Comic Book Industry

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ComicsGate, a scandal that occurred years ago for many, still happens everyday for people like Ethan Van Sciver, who remain the champion over the woke mobsters who tried running him off with their pitchforks to no avail. But now we are left with the question “Why?” What does the mob gain by harming the livelihood of a simple comic book artist who only wishes to make good stories? Ethan has some theories.

Daily Wire interviews him here, but he has also speculated at other times and in other ways about the potential that this is due to woke infiltration from within, in a desire to destroy the industry, or that it is some form of diversity and inclusion directive by a government agency. Regardless, he hopes that you will try to look past the agenda and the program that it appears that they are crafting for us to believe, and instead seek out great storytelling, and a desire to tell great stories with real characters with virtue instead of just skin suits and sexual orientation boxes to check off. 

Ethan and his ravings on the comics industry has also appeared at Bounding Into Comics here.

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and you should check out Van Sciver’s CyberFrog comic if you seek to find an incredible comic.

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