Epoch TV Releases New 'Hollywood Takeover' Doc to Takedowns on YouTube

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by Jon Croft
Epoch TV Releases New 'Hollywood Takeover' Doc to Takedowns on YouTube

They put the trailer back up on Youtube, but this took action on the part of Epoch TV to fight back against censors, something that many of us do not have the power to do. The outcome of this larger war is still unknown...

Epoch TV has been working to raise the awareness of how American freedoms are being eroded on a daily basis, and their work has taken real shape since 2020. We all know why this is and the world all knows why 2020 is a year that lives in infamy, but for some they still need to get the message out and Epoch and NTD News are primary workers on this frontline battle.

But what about in Hollywood?

Epoch has created a streaming service, Epoch TV, alongside their thriving news operation that works to create documentaries that inform us to better fight the battle of American freedom. Epoch doesn't just do the popular streaming and YouTube media, which is so efficient- no. Epoch does virtually every kind of news media, whether it is digital video, or podcast, or television, or even print newspapers.

But in this case, they took on Hollywood. And so, they went to the red carpet in L.A. to unleash the expose documentary that exposes Hollywood grift. Hollywood has become a mouthpiece for the Communist Party to the world.

Here they are on the red carpet.

Their new documentary "Hollywood Takeover: China's Control in the Film Industry" was premiered in Hollywood with a celebrity Q & A starring Kevin & Sam Sorbo, Nick Searcy, Christian Toto, Roger L. Simon, and Chris Fenton. But it didn't take long for pushback to start forming. The trailer for the film was removed from YouTube and the entire channel was deleted. Only after the takedown was reported in the news, did Youtube relent.

Now, you can go here to see it.

Hollywood Takeover: China’s Control in the Film Industry | NEW Documentary
‘Hollywood Takeover’ is an NTD Original Documentary that reveals the must-tell story behind Hollywood and China’s lucrative union and its consequences for us.

The doc is about Hollywood and Communist China's cooperation in big film production, and how they can use the messages in their propaganda films to change American's views and remove our God-given freedoms. It can be seen on Epochtv.com with a $1/week subscription or on the Hollywoodtakeover.com site. The red carpet premiere event and the following panel discussion can also be viewed there.

This is something that every Hollywood big-budget blockbuster filmmaker has to be versed on, since every aspect of their films can be scrutinized by the CCP, in order to gain access to billions of dollars of investment funds and far greater profits for their films as well. Marvel, LucasFilm, Disney, Universal, Paramount, Sony, and many more, have to go through this scrutiny.

It is a money game of degrading proportions, since so many have given their souls and virtually given up their future hope of American freedom for the sake of a few million dollars. It does not bode well for the innocent Americans who do not understand the implications of such a buy-out in the cinema houses and board rooms of our great nation. The propaganda machines that used to be guided and guarded by our government during the world war against fascism can now be trained in whatever direction the CCP likes.

And it isn't done in the interest if our American freedoms any longer.

Here is the trailer that had previously been removed, and a few others, down below.

Hollywood Takeover Panel

Did you enjoy this article on the embattled Epoch TV documentary on the takeover of Hollywood big business? What do you think of Epoch Times, of EpochTV, and of Hollywood's big blockbuster films that pander to CCP power? Let us know down below (with subscription) or on our social media!

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by Jon Croft

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