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Elon Musk Announces Bigger Push Into Video and Livestreaming Through New X TV Video App

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The Hollywood Reporter reports on Elon Musks new announcement on X, his social media platform. The App launched on Tuesday, and will start out ad free, and robust.

Elon Musk’s X Launches TV App as It Pushes Video Ambitions
The tech company told its corporate partners that the app “may include ads” in the future.

This was one of the tweets being referenced.

Linda Yaccarino expounds on their plans here...

Her and Elon have given us information that this will be a robust app, which should be able to compete with some of the best video platform apps out there. Whether it can stand up next to YouTube is another thing altogether. That's like Disney+ being as popular or as profitable as Netflix right away, which simply won't happen. Netflix is the streaming champion, just as YouTube is the video hosting champion for the entire web, as well as the top video streaming app. It will take a long time to replace or unseat these champions for awhile.

She does give us some details. And she admits that they are still working on the app but she let's us know what they're planning, including these features listed down below.

Trending Video Algorithm: Stay updated with the trending topics.
AI-Powered Topics: Organize videos seamlessly by subject for a personalized experience.
Cross-Device Experience: Switch between your phone, your TV, and other devices.
Enhanced Video Search: Faster new, improved video search.
Effortless Casting: Makes casting from your mobile devices effortless.
Wide Availability: Planning on availability to most smart TVs.

I'm not seeing much in the way of advertising news or monetization, that is besides to new ads help center, but I think Elon Musk has spoken on this at some length when he said he plans to improve the Creator community. Just as other competitors for YouTube (such as Rumble) have taken time to get their platform right, so I believe this will be the case for X TV. But as more creators go there and make a splash, I believe that this can really draw eyeballs, and continue to nip at the heels of the reigning champs of internet video.

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