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Disney's "Wish" Can't Compare to Animated "Young David," Prequel to "David," About Legendary Israeli Monarch

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"Young David" will introduce the story of King David in a five episode prequel miniseries. This comes to us from the same studio that is bringing us the animated "David" film, and is being distributed by Angel Studios and Minno. They have now released the first episode "Warrior," but more is coming soon!

Anyone who seeks to learn the truth about Israel as a nation, need go no farther than the story of King David. David encapsulates much of the bravery, dignity, and faithfulness that founded the Israeli nation long before Christ. But David wasn't just an incredible King, he was an incredibly courageous boy as well, as you'll see if you read the Biblical account. The story about him killing lions and bears with his bare hands may have been an exaggeration, but that is not the point. The point is that he defeated Israel's Philistine enemies- even the last of the giants, in the person of mighty Goliath, with just a few stones and a slingshot. His time protecting the sheep of his flock against wild animals prepared him for this very task, and he drew the hearts of his people to him to trust in him as king, early on. Jesus, the Christ, descended from his loins, and the rest is history.

Sure, this can be depicted as a brutal story if we'd like to. But why ignore the time that David spent as a boy? Time in which God prepared him for his troublesome and difficult years as Israel's true monarch, who had to make war with Saul's son "Ish-bosheth" the usurper king, the first (not-so-good) king of Israel, that began the habit of Israel being divided with Judah. These divisions happened at numerous points in David's reign. Even his own sons betrayed him, but his son Solomon eventually brought unity again after David died. But this unity did not last. Instead of focusing on these more trepidatious events, this story is about the beauty of David's relationship with God, as evidenced in 1st & 2nd Samuel as well as in the Book of Psalms. This relationship is an inspiration to us all, and kids can learn a great deal from this as well.

And the animation work... it's incredible. You'd think, "Yeah I guess that'd be a great story..." but then you see the vision of these animators and you think, "Oh wow, I never expected this story could be so cute." But there it is in all it's glory, and it is exactly what you'd expect from Pixar from the before-times... before Disney squandered and destroyed their artistic vision.

And now the really exciting news is that they are not just producing the film itself, but also a five episode prequel to the film, called "Young David." Episode One: Warrior is now available here at Angel, but Episode Two: King is coming in a few weeks, on December 8th.

This looks like some of the best animation I've seen in some time. Don't even make me laugh by comparing it to the new Disney movie, Wish. It's just not even comparable.

The animated David film is still expected to come to theaters in 2025. PRESS for the 1st episode, here.

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