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Man of Steel: Dean Cain is Casting For Upcoming Film and Starring in Faith-Based Film About Free Speech

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Dean Cain stars in the up and coming movie, The Greatest Coach of All Time, which is about the recent supreme court ruling to allow religious freedom on the playing field.

Osprey Observer Reports here.

The movie coincides with the Supreme Court ruling for former high school football coach Joseph Kennedy, who claimed at the time that Bremerton School District violated his religious freedom by telling him he couldn’t pray publicly after the games. The court ruled in favor of Kennedy, much to the chagrin of leftist public school systems. The world premiere date is tomorrow, Thursday July 8th so hurry and get your tickets here:
But that’s not all. Cain, who is known for one of the most applauded interpretation of the Man of Steel, aka Superman, has also been casted as the leading role in a new movie, Success Camp. This film centers around an “highly supervised” camp for misguided teens, set in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is not based on a fictional camp but a very real one, with an inspiring mission. This statement was released about the camp: “For over 20 years, Success Camp has been helping families grow into a more loving relationship of mutual respect at home.”

You can find out more about the movie here:

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