David Mamet's New Book "Everywhere an Oink Oink" Rakes Hollywood Culture Over Coals

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by Jon Croft
David Mamet's New Book "Everywhere an Oink Oink" Rakes Hollywood Culture Over Coals

A film lover who hasn't heard of David Mamet has to check their bonafides, but for industry-types in Hollywood they may have been told falsely that he is another evil fascist. There's so many of them to keep track of if you're a Hollywood cult member, it's up to half the country by now. But how could such an accomplished filmmaker and writer like Mamet be dismissed and vilified by the entire industry? Well, he publicly stated he wasn't a liberal. That's it.

Ok, Ok. Maybe it wasn't as simple as all that. It's true. Instead of just saying it, he wrote and published an essay entitled "Why I Am No Longer A Brain-Dead Liberal" in 2008. That's all. Since then, as he said, he had been blacklisted, though it looks like some credits have finally been given to him (or returned to him) on IMDb, recently. It's difficult to stop such a prolific writer, but Hollywood has little patience for those with the audacity to express freedom of thought, especially if you do it with alacrity.

Hollywood is a monotheistic religion. And that God is... themselves.

This article from Breitbart explains it here, but what I have heard about his new book, "Everywhere an Oink Oink," is that this isn't like a tell-all exposé of Hollywood but more of a general indictment of Hollywood's culture of false virtue and bloated, insatiable narcissism.

The full title of the book is "Everywhere an Oink Oink: An Embittered, Dyspeptic, and Accurate Report of Forty Years in Hollywood."

Sounds good to me.

I plan to ask for it as a gift for Christmas, as I will be enjoying every second that validates what I experienced myself, the few times I could tolerate being there. It sounds right up my alley.

Buy it here on Amazon.

You can also see him here talking to Ben Shapiro on his Sunday Special, five years ago, as he discussed Hollywood and its strange backwardsness. He knows of what he speaks.

And a portion of his Joe Rogan interview, here.

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by Jon Croft

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